PC330 Hill Billy Hoot, Skeptics etc
Mawson Musem, Belair, Barossa

Monday - Mawson Museum to Mawson Lab, mining in Antartic is banned till 2042, Botanical Gardens Tropical House : nice building, but not amazing display.
Then Hill Billy Hoot : Just like a mini-community festival - Every Monday people take their instruments down to the back of the radio station and play some tunes for an hour. Then people hangout for a bit of a jam.

Jamming sample audio, Hill Billy Circle

Tues - Explored - Bellair National Park - rich suburb on the hills very near the city, not very interesting Park

unimpressive Barossa Valley

Wed - Train to Gawler and then school bus to Taruna in the , Bethany Street the first German Lutheran settlement, walked back, hitched to Nurioopta, tried to hitch to old mining town of kapund, but no time . Overall pretty boring the countryside was a little like Northern Spain Logrono, but not as interesting, there were one or two old buildings, but the wineries lacked the charisma of those in other parts of the world, might as well have been in Coles Supermarket sampling the wines.

Went to the Mouse Club @Higher Ground arts cafe , an interesting idea an eclectic music DJ, as ever almost no punters.. pity

Thu - Skeptics Meeting - not fantastic - great magazines

We live in a world full of information overload, full of low quality information distorted by commercial, political and popular pressures, but to make good decisions we have to make logical arguments based on good information. So it's important to support the principles of scientific method and critical thinking.
It's important that Skeptic's Organizations like SA Skeptics exist to expose bad thinking, promote critical thinking and provide a forum for like minded people to network.

I guess My own speciality through 17 years of travel through 96 + countries is challenging preconceived ideas about culture / countries . To understand you need to experience. It was a dinner meeting, the name badges are a great idea. I found the networking limited

Annoying people - It seemed some people turned up to push their own "hobby horse" conspiracy agendas; their presence really lowered the tone.

The lecture was not quite what I was expecting. I thought he came with preconceived ideas that "of course" GMOs are evil and "of course" big business and government have formed a conspiracy . These "of course" ideas don't fit with skepticism which is about getting to the truth not just being "anti" something. We should expect facts and numbers, which are verifiable and explanable. To me his arguments were not coherent and I almost fell asleep.

I would have asked what happened to the 100s of cases of CJD that were supposed to be in the pipeline for the UK ,but have not materialised ? What are the actual annual deaths 3, 5 or 20 ? Actually falling from a peak of 18 a year

my humanism page

Fri - Humanists Meeting - emigration from Wales

a bit off topic school master\talks about emigration from Wales. Still pretty interesting.


Sat - Enfield Museum, Melbourne St, V hot

Indigenous Film Festival - Shifting Shelter 3 - following the lives of 4 average aborigine kids, through ages 15, 20, 25. It's quite sad At 15 they are all very optimistic, but they all under achieve, the girls particularly have had big problems : drugs, alcohol, pregnancy getting beat up by their partners. By 25 all have had problems with getting into bad crowds I hypothesise that the strong Aborigine family system actually makes them weak. In a modern world you need to be very independent, wheras away from the family the kids were weak and vulnerable to peer pressure.
International Shorts - not very interesting except - Cree Indian girl tries to get back to being Indian by building a tipi in her bedroom .
In fact I am just as Cree as she is. So the point is having tribal blood in you doesn't make you in touch with ancient culture, it's your behaviour.
2. Film about Maori taggers
- Psychadelic music night, but it was all thrash metal.

Sun - Maritime museum - worth 2 hours a lot of history, Dolphin Exhibit, Murray River, Some ecology e.g. Hard concrete seawalls cause erosion as the seas energy just rebounds off.
- Brick Kilns market - bit quiet.

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