PC326 Arrive in Adelaide

Adelaide 1
Tuesday - downtown - sightseeing, gathering info etc . went to Patricias
Wed - planning - walked aroun the Happy valley Suburb
Thu - walked around the historic suburb of Glenelg one of the first places to be settled.
Thursday : Character Jam - comedy club @ Higher Ground Arts Cafe on Rundle Mall
characterjam 1
Bad Taste man
characterjam 2
Runner man
characterjam 2
They got the audience exercising
Comedy at the pretty good. Much better than modern English comedy ..people doing real character acting and real jokes, high energy characters excited audience.

Fri - moved to town , SA Museum etc

Humanist meeting : with alternative politician with Sandra Kanck
: similar to Conway House meetings - younger people are interested in more fashionable causes, so mostly oldies

Family First Party closely connected to Asemblies of God, doing a lot of socially disruptive actions like :

  • - anti-abortion
  • - sex education
  • - talking about sex workers
  • - hard line against drugs
  • - God's law

Talked about Howard giving chaplain funding - not secular councellors

Seems like situation is worse in Australia than other countries :
1: unlike in The US there is no law for separation of church and state - Howard is adamantly against this, so religion is creeping into government (salvation army doing centrelink, chaplains in school etc)
2: Also there is no European human rights law like in the UK whereby religious laws can be fought cos they are discriminatory.
3: no RE in schools , as we discussed at the Brights meeting it's better to talk about religion in schools so sceptical kids can raise doubts to other kids. - could you swear an oath to democracy instead an oath to God in parliament

my humanism page

Weird sureal incident "You stole my Wallet
Saturday : I arrived at the library at 11am to check the philosophy discussion location. When she told me it would be upstairs at 12.30pm I decided to wait. I showed my passport to use the internet 11am-12pm. - The philosophy talk wasn't going to begin until 12.30 so I sat on a step down the street eating my lunch. Suddenly a blonde 20 something woman sat down right next to me and tried to beg $2. As always said no. Then a slim blonde highlights man pushing a baby buggy (I couldn't see if their was a baby said "what you drinking there let me have some", I first got up cos I was trapped between the woman and the wall and and said no. I started to walk away and as the man and the woman seemed to be closing in on me from each side I ran towards the safety of the library a few doors down. At this point the man shouted "stop that man, he's got my wallet." People walking towards me obviously thought maybe I was a thief. A couple spoke to me and I said they could check my passport if they wanted and stepped into the library. The man wouldn't come right into the library, but stood and the door saying phone the police. I was at the counter and the library woman asked if she should call the police and I said yep phone . (it would really help me if the police came, and the library worker could vouch for me as I had asked about the lecture then shown my passport before using the internet 11am-12pm.) I then realised I had my camera phone and it would help me to get a picture of the people. So I left my bag and went to get a photo. When they realised this, the couple quickly started off down the road. And before I could get my password in and get a picture they had gone. One man who had been talking to them seemed upset I had take a picture of him I couldn't tell if he was an accomplice or not. The weird thing was the library staff were all busy and pretty much everyone ignored what was going on, no one spoke to me. I can't work out whether it was aggressive begging or if it was a scheme to rob me.
Anyway it's one of those freaky things which left me pretty shook up for an hour

Met up with Carolyn and Max

Sun- walked around Port Adelaide with Max - OK I suppose it will be really trendy in 10 years time Walked around old buildings, up lighthouse, tourist market and Dolphin cruise only $2.50, up the Torrens river to the sea.

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