PC325 Darwin

Thu- arrived in Darwin .. walk around etc
Fri - museum, ferry over to Mandorah pennisula met Jean and her daughter Deb. Stayed over . Lots of fruit especially mangoes, but sampled bananas and coconuts as well

VIDEOS - Jean tells some stories Jean1, Jean2 talking about the cyclone and dance they had whilst clearing up, Jean3 talking about coming on the ship from UK, Jean4, Sat - went over to neighbours
darwin frog
darwin frog
darwin frog 2
darwin frog 2
mandorah jean

- evening Greens Climate change march in Nights habour
Greens Climate change march
the values in this poster are so vague itís meaningless, like saying tomorrow could be sunny or there could be snow. Of course the public would get into a panic by focusing on the higher end prediction
Sun- Internet - Sunday Markets, East Point, Palmerston
Mon- harbour wharf - flew out

Convenient Soundbites - Incovenient complexities and Catastrophe Porn

The media love all kinds of catastrophes -they are instant big stories, easy to write - "Oh my God the world's going to end ! Nuclear bombs, nuclear accidents, the Reds, meteors, earthquakes, volcanoes. We are all going to die" Big, simple, urgent sells.

- It's all very simple and exciting, When it comes to Climate Change it's the same : disaster is imminent and we have do something right now ! The presenter said droughts, higher temperatures, tsunami. (Tsunami how can that possibly be manmade ?)

There was a great journalist : (Andrew Bolt's opinion on Climate Change in the media on ABC Newsradio Sunday 10am The talk was all about The Stern report presented to the House of Lords he pointed out that 1. Stern is an economist. 2. 3 months ago there was a far less pessimistic report presented to the House or Lords by scientists yet it went largely unreported He questioned why the media picks up on the negative reports giving the public the impression that itís all concensus that disaster is happening. One female journalist was quite angry with him "come down off the mountain, the reason why we only see pessimistic reports is that it's all been decided ..disaster is coming". She just ignored all the recent not-agreeing with disaster events he had given: the letter by 60 Canadian scientists, the first House of Lords report etc.
the audio : interview is 25 minutes in the panel Virginia Trioli, George Megalogenis and Andrew Bolt.
If she as an objective journalist sees it as a simple black and white issue what hope have the public got.

The presenter asked Bolt : "Do you believe in man-made global warming (or, an agitated Paul Austin demanded of Baillieu) are you one of the very last sceptics?" , talk about a loaded question !

Stern's most played quote was that temperatures could rise by 5įC this century which is unqualified and way at the end of even the IPCCs forecasts.

The truth is the mainstream media don't do complexities they prefer soundbites and stereotypes. So there is a kind of filter blocking anything other than disaster sounbites so the public aren't aware of the truth.

Who is on panic side now ?
1. Government- it's popular, it gives them an excuse to control people and increase taxes.
2. Green orgs - gives them credibility (see we were right) and the panic helps them raise more funds.
3. Business - they can see the dollar signs - it gives them the excuse to 1. Charge more foe energy 2. Sell the public more stuff to nake them green. You get the excuse to charge the public twice - once for the energy and again for carbon credit etc.

I noticed that new research into the effect of variances in cosmic rays on cloud formation also has gone largely unreported in mainstream media.

.. I saw it on the net 6 weeks ago and it was picked up by a BBC science programme the other day. Of course it is complicated. It's similar to sunspot patterns : 150 years ago someone noticed there was a direct correlation between sunspots and wheat prices. Anyway when these cosmic rays hit the atmosphere they hit molecules which split off ions, which seeds clouds and more cloud means different weather. So they know it effects climate, but they are now doing difficult simulate a cloud in the lab experiments to get some numbers.

Quote from green leaflet "the changes in global temperatures that we have created aleady are causing drastic impacts on the planet .. krill down to 20% of what it was.. Whales will die off in 20-30 years" is so easily said, and takes hours to pick apart. Such unqualified and unscientific soundbites carry a lot of weight, but his argument can be picked apart and totally destroyed; it is so misleading and stupid. Hype based upon assumption, based upon assumption.

PS : reports are saying the world climate didn't rise between 1998-2005 if this is true this is amazing

I think - the reporting has been hijacked so the companies can sell us stuff, and politicians can increase taxes. What is important is not whether the left is right or the Right is right, but that we get the correct facts and make the best decisions so we don't set off down the wrong road and get stuck with a mess.

I would draw the analogy between the old argument about planting trees I.e. That we simply have to plant more trees. So governments gave tax breaks for rich people who planted monocrop forests, which were of course ecologically damaging cos they have no biodiversity.
Carbon trading is a similar scam. Polluters will pay money to middle men who will make contracts with people who have trees that they never mean to cut anyway. Ie people will continue to emit CO2 and no extra trees will be planted . And anyway CO2 is better absorbed by other things like ocean life rather than forests.

Whether you believe the press hype or not it is desireable to reduce our ecological footprint by living more simply and not using so much resources in the first place.
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Starvation Army

- picked up a leaflet criticising the Salvation Army for being a racist, homophobic, money grbbing, power crazed, sexist cult getting away with exploitation and breaking the law.. it made sense here they are employed by government to do job centre work..yet they only employ Christians ..and their members have to ask permission before going on a date !

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