Who's Better The Beards or THE DAIRY BROTHERS ?
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The Dairy Brother's are surely going to be real big soon

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I heard about the Dairy Brothers from their mates the Adelaide Beards. And I thought if these guy's can play half as good as the Beards then they'll be pretty good. They've been playing for about 2 years and are famous for their stunts of dressing up as Giant Cows and using leafblowers on stage (see a not particularly great video) on youtube, Grapefruit also on YT

video - Head in a Jar on youtube A young animators professional, but literal interpretation

Sample Videos

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*respect the musicians don't TALK over the music !

My Bootleg short video clips. My videos aren't good quality, too dark and sideways on mostly and they are mp4 which your PC might support without downloading the latest Quicktime or the K21 codecs
* darkcpcentrance003 325Kb I have 2 other dark CPC videos
* doubleguitar11 205Kb
* kidzneverstop12 187Kb
* goodrocky13 912Kb
* gotrock14 712Kb
* really piano15 330Kb
* reallyreally16 289Kb
* leafblower17 198Kb
* colmedina19 571Kb
* goodbaboon20 1119Kb
* darkbaboon21 46Kb absolutely black

They said they filmed the show. Where can I see it ? Iit would look great on video.

The Dairy Brothers launched the new EP Got Rock at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel on Friday January 19

10/10 for showmanship
If the Dairy Brother's played as the support act they'd blow the main Act of Stage

First it's a great venue a concert hall at the back of the pub with a shaded garden at the back and a raised VIP section to the side (from which I had a good view without being crowded).

Support was provided by Granny Flat an very young energetic thrash group. OK, then local favourites Special Patrol, then the theatrics began as CPC central Planning Committee came on. They dress up as Soviet Russians and do songs about how good communism is, they feature a team of people up on stage typing and stamping forms. Mostly it was rap like their song "Fuck the West", it's an interesting idea, but the material was not quite up to the Beards standard. Their Cuban song wasn't bad and the chick looked great exactly like the tough sexy Olga.

Then The Brothers : for a start they had a full grand piano. A thunderously dramatic opening, the storyteller speaks then the lights flash and they came on in monks habits playing the loud rocky Ancestors of Rock (Just like the Beards I can imagine their shows) metamorphising into Rock Operas Again the rough live show is better than the polished CD version. And they rocked from then on each song building up into singing guitars and saxophone and grand piano. They did mostly new songs. Apart from Really Really and Baboons they are not as sing along as the Beards. Tenacious D had played the stadium and it was easy to see why DB were not picked to play support they would blow most big name acts off the stage - What Showmanship !

Off stage the lead singers a stocky character with not much presence, but onstage they rock like Queen and the lead singer shows the Charisma of Freddy Mercury.

The songs are all so well done, they would fit right into movies and TV commercials . Just like the Beards I can imagine their shows metamorphising into Rock Operas

Come the leafblowers It was getting hot onstage and the band needed some cool air. This time though they upstaged themselves they didn't just bring on 1 leafblower no no, they had 4 minidressed rock chicks gyrating suggestively. (not great on my video)

More showmanship The encore video. Next they ended the set without doing their best song. On a large video screen showed supposidly live showed them going off into the green room, all being typical outrageous rockstars the drummer abusing the adoring rockchicks he's sat between, the guitarist downing a bottle of Jack Daniels and the other two having a lovers tiff ending in a tongueing kiss. As the crowd called for more they came back on stage, the comotose guitarist carried on And on on to a high energy version Funky Col Medina and then Baboons.
not the funniest thing, but again 10/10 for effort and originality.

It was an all ages gig .. It was good to see the pre-teenagers at the front, but strange to see the bouncers try to enforce the no kids after midnight rule.

As I left they were signing autographs for fans respecting them for being grat rockers or good at playing at pretending to be a bunch of rockers.

A pretty impressive show for $10, amazing actually ! Though I preferred the Beards gig for it's better songs and sing along- ability. ... so so far the Beards are winning !

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