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- 461t 3 Days in Istanbul November 2008

- 462t Sharjah UAE - 1 day stopoff 10/11/08

- 463t Arrive in Kathmandu 11/11/08

- 464t Complaining about Kathmandu
- 465t Dhulikhel etc.
- 466t Trekking is overcommercialised etc. 26-30/11/08 Helambu and over 4600m
- 467t Kathmandu 2 1-3/12/08
- 468t Bandipur 4-6/12/08
- 469t Pokhara - Hanging Out 7-?/12/08
- 470t Tansen 21/12/08
- 471t Travelling western Terai 22/12/08
- 472t Rhinos All Hiding 23/12/08
- 473t Chisopani 24/12/08
- 474t Hetauda 25-27/12/08
- 475t PPPI People Visit Hari's Garden28/12/08
- 475at Hetauda 2 28/12/08
- 476t Kosi River Farce 29/12/08
- 477t Dharan 1 30-1/12/2008
- 478t Dharan 2 2-5/1/09
- 479t Lost on the BP Highway 5-8/1/09
- 480t Back in KTM 8-15/1/2009
- 481at Repairing Phone Saga Jan 09
- 481t Yes Got my phone back 16-21/1/2009
- 481bt Chobar Again 22/1/09
- 481ct India Preparations 22/1/09
- 482t Travel to India 23/1/09

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Nepal Ideas & Opinions
- 444q Nepal Ideas & Opinions INDEX
- see 4 Essays We in the UK Rip Off the Nepalis more, Life is like a sex-movie , Easy jobs for Nepalis in the UK, Education is the key to success ... NOT,
- 449 Nepal Opinions : Load Shedding
- 450 Nepal Cartoons
- 451 Nepal Ideas & Opinions 2

- 30% of Nepalis have never been to Nepal One of the strangest things I learnt about Nepal is that for the last 150 years a sizeable proportion of the culturally Nepali population has lived outside Nepal. The whole of Sikkim, and Indian mountain areas like Darjeeling and Kalimpong have Nepali speakers as the majority. There is a dream of a Nepali "Gorkkaland" stretching all the way from East Nepal to Bhutan, but I think it's totally unrealistic to expect Delhi to accept something which may restrict movement of the Indian Army to it's borders as China has invaded before in 1973. The fear is that if border states have too much independence they may face pressure from China and this chipping away at the edges would threaten the security of the whole state.


RadioNepal.org News in English @ 8am, 2pm , 8pm 100Mhz, 792Khz Kathmandu, 684Khz in Pokhara, 98-103 Mhz elsewhere, also SW

Upcoming Events
- KEEP Events 2pm everyday they play their video about exploitation of porters, but they'll play it anytime for you
- HRA - 2pm everyday about altitude sickness
- Thursdays 6.30pm Film Night at Lazimpat Gallery Café near French Embassy

Event links
- Tourist Board Events - their main page often crashes browsers
- www.alliancefrancaise.org.np
- some events ecs.com.np/calendar.htm
- British Council for events http://www.britishcouncil.org/nepal-newsletter-october-2008.htm not much
-University rare events http://ku.edu.np
- Nepal lectures across the world http://www.digitalhimalaya.com/projectteam/turin/lectures.html
- seems OK http://www.whatsonwhen.com/sisp/index.htm?fx=event&event_id=18648
- seems no events listed http://www.thehimalayantimes.com
http://www.pilgrimsbooks.com/kathmandu.html events suspended now
- check meetup.com - nothing really
- http://www.himalassociation.org/ some events

CS Kathmandu Forum, others forums see Rudra email
- humanists http://www.humannepal.org/ sochnepal.org
- www.mapmandu.com
- www.welcomenepal.com
- http://www.nepal-traveller.com seems OK but no events
- Big list of links http://www.lirung.com/en/nepal/links.html http://www.lirung.com/en/nepal/links2.html
- Best news nepalitimes.com.np/
- Nepal blogger www.thehalfhog.com
- A London centred idea to open an arts centre in Kathmandu
- Nepal News Index http://www.nepalnews.com/archive/main.htm
- http://www.catmando.com/index.shtml no longer updated
worth checking http://www.nepalhomepage.com/dir/society/
worth checking http://www.visitnepal.com/
- Moon Guide is January 12, 2004 no new listed
- Let's Go is is 05/12/2003 not supported now
Check Moonlight Productions TV
- KVPL Public library is in Bhrikruti Mandap is that Exhibition Rd ?
- check humanistnetworknews.com http://ihs.libsyn.com/rss Bookmarks

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