PC 288 Wesak Day Floats
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Wesak Day Floats in Brickfields I did some work in the morning then at Aki and I went to Brickfields (next week 8 days of Bhuddists films at M tourist Info)

We found the streets around the temple full of street markets and saw the floats getting ready then we went up to the hill to see the Thean Hau Temple. Which Aki really liked ..nice view.

We then came back down an crossed the river near the monorail station. Since we were near the Railway Club and the Hindu Temples I took her to see them. The Hindu temple there is quite impressive (Selva should take people to see this on rather than the one in Chinatown). We walked back towards the Bhuddist temple and popped into another Hindu temple to witness the washing of the God ceremony (almost all the people were women and the priests were male)

In the Bhuddist temple we saw people lighting all the candles etc. And we even manged to catch the procession again in the street with all the floats which Aki liked, but seemed to be tacky to me.
good gallery , (someones photos) Star Newspaper

Been reading about Menezes - "Yes there was a cover up ..why ..cos the police didn't actually shoot him.. it was the intelligence agents .. since they have to keep the operations and identities secret there has to be a cover up"

Osama BL biography .. he was a really seriously islamic rich kid ..he wanted his fighters to kick the Iraqui Forces out of Kuwait .. the Saudi government chose the Americans instead .. which shows OBL wasn't big friends with Saddam and explains why the Americans didn't kick Saddam out of government then.

OBL got it into his head that some countries can be defined as Muslim lands 1. so they must be defended by all Muslims, which is why he went off to Afghanistan in the first place.. The books said he wasn't trained by the Americans or anything like that, just happened they were both putting money into the same war... apparently the Afghanis and the arabs didn't like each other much ..they thought he was a rich guy ..and they needed his money. After the war the Afghanis said the arabs should all go home. At first he did good things like build hospitals, but later lost his Saudi citizenship os of terrorist acts

2. he wasn't very happy about American bases in Saudi (they have been closed now the Americans have bases in Iraq)

Going to Siberia Got to get away from Malaysia to the UK, but I don't want to be in UK until all the World Cup hype has finished. Getting my visa Chinese visa got one for Russia June 8th - July 5th
Got to do some HC siberia research

Governemt action against piracy a sign at Petaling Street Market advertising a anti-DVD-piracy hotline
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