516at : West India INDEX May - June
In The 2nd part of my India Trip
I toured the Rajastan Area to Delhi

..before this 482at : NE Indian Hills INDEX Jan-May 2009

- 516t Big Big Train Journey 21-23/5/09

- I've been like Mr Bean everyday recently
- Sun - lost my photo albums ..turned up Monday afternoon when the cybercafe opened
- Mon - just got over than stress then my Memory stick failed losing important files
- Wed just got most files back
- Thu - Bodoland buses stopped running at 5pm.. stranded ... ended at the IB organised by local police chief
- Fri- coming from Malaria area .. I felt symptoms .. whilst waiting for blood test results I found Malaria incubation period is 9 days ..but it was only 8 days since I entered the area. .. test negative
- Tried to internet work, but cyber closed early cos a terrorist event and next day was the local holiday.
- Sat - trains full so cramped for 28 hours
- Sun - New Indian weather forecast : BASTARD HOT !

- 517t Orcha 24-26/5/09
- 518t Gweilor 26-28/5/09
gwalior fort
- 519t Jaipur 28/5/09
- 520t Bundi 29-31/5/09
- Fri - Bundi - A phone covered in ketchup !
- hottest room ever - Sat - Memory Card Problems - Sun - got shoe back from monkey raiding party.. Nightbus to
- 521t Udaipur the lake city with no water 1/6/09
- Irritating auto-ricksaw drivers drove me to leave after 24 hours
- 522t Mount Abu 2-4/6/09
- Tue - 3000 Indians watching a crap sunset - Wed - Day tour with Indian tourists. It was only $2, but they should have paid me to be on it
- Thu - what should have been a day of work and an overnight bus, turned into a rush and 22 hours of travel ..
- 523t Jaiselmer ... Not fantastic 5-8/6/09
Jaiselmer fort
- 524t Bikaneer - sweating 9-12/6/09
- 525t Chandigargh the Milton Keynes of India 13/6/09
- 526t 12 days of work in Delhi - sweating and wasting time 15-28/6/09
- 527t hanging around Rishikesh 29-4/7/09
- 528t Looking Forward got a ticket to Ukraine4/7/09
- 529t Last Week In Delhi 4-8/7/09
Just Updated these pages September 2009 on account that I seem to have picked up mild typhoid sickness in the last days of India so this has slowed me down for the last 7 weeks
NEXT - I don't plan too much now .. Ukraine and maybe Georgia sometime see Ukraine Index


All India Radio News in English @ 8am, 2pm , 8pm 100Mhz, 792Khz

Upcoming Events
- http://www.tourisminindia.com, Indiamike.com - http://www.assamtourism.org/
- check meetup.com - nothing really
- http://www.himalassociation.org/ some events

Ideas & Opinions
Some early notes - Sri Lankan Journalists Postumous Article, CS is completely different for women in India

- OPINIONS 1. Cultural difference
- 0. Overseas Travel Expensive for Indians
- Foreigner prices = Racist prices : so are Unacceptable
- 8. Cellphone etiquette
- 9. If I can give a discount the 2nd time you ask then I was trying to rip you off the first time

- OPINIONS 2. Dirt & Hassle
- 1. "Do you like India ?", people often ask
.. How to explain to them it's mostly disgusting ? ... not as bad as they are in West Africa
- India Fighting Mode - Mr Annoyed
- 2. Indians live in a Fantasy World not the Real World .. So see nothing to improve .. but the Gay Raja of Gujurat tells the truth .. The average Indian doesn't want to see problems within India so they avert their eyes, they don't want hear about problems within India either so foreigners are at fault for speaking of evil
- 3. Most Indians are not monkeys, but a great number behave like monkeys
- 7. People are always spitting here Where do they find all that phlegm ?
- 4. Why ? Not My Family, Not My Bedroom Space

- OPINIONS 3. Delhi Hindi Imperialism
- 5. Delhi Hindi Imperialism - India is not a country
- 6. Lost the village culture, but not yet got "educated" values
- 10. Western does not exist

- OPINIONS 4. Culture Causes Poverty
- Cultural practices hold India back ... cause Poverty
- 11. Ghandi was an Idiot
- 12. The India has too many people Excuse

- OPINIONS 5. Some Final Thoughts from Delhi
- The newspapers banging on about racist attacks on Indians - Such a none story
- I Don't Like India- and I'm glad to leave
- Comparing India to Ukraine - Why is it that there is such a big difference ?
- Maximum Price Labels - Good Change

- the essays about Nepalis thinking Europe is a paradise also apply to India
- see 4 Essays We in the UK Rip Off the Nepalis more, Life is like a sex-movie , Easy jobs for Nepalis in the UK, Education is the key to success ... NOT

CS Forums not very active Northeast , Assam

- humanists/Skeptics
- appears no active Indian Humanist website
- indianrationalists.blogspot.com good stories not updated for 1 year by Delhi based Edamaruku
- rationalistprabir.bravehost.com -old site
- top skeptics - Narendra Nayak, Mangalore
- Prabir Ghosh blog mentioned Kolkata some meetups in Kolkata
- rationalists-day-celebration
- Bangalore Skeptic free via e-mail tvmanoj@gmail.com, or bskeptic@gmail.com
- nirmukta.com in Bangalore very active
- www.rationalistinternational.net based in Finland ? good stories

: For some reason many Indian skeptic sites don't seem to work anymore
- themronline.com - The Modern RationalistWeb site ..no longer loads
- http://humanists.net/avijit/prabir/sra.htm -- Web site for the Science and Rationalists' Association of India.

Some won't load but appears in Googles cache recently modified
- indiansceptic.in - Official Website of the Indian Committee For Scientific Investigation of Claims Of The Paranormal. based at Podanur, Tamil Nadu
- www.srai.org - won't load

These only loaded second time
- http://www.tarksheel.com - Tarksheel Society Website (includes English content),Punjabi.
- http://www.antisuperstition.org - Web site for the Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith (CEBF) based in Maharashtra

- Guidebooks - I'm using the 2007 LP NE India - it's not great. Sometimes my 2003 Let's Go India has more Info
Indiamike.com - won't let you post recommendations

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