Science Radio Dashboard
where to find
science & history on radio, UK & worldwide
UK progs
- BBCGeekfest Twitter - good list of upcoming progs
- Tw BBCscitech
- Fact check tweets : Straight_Stats, Getstats, Spiegelhalter, FB US Stats, OU prof, FullFact, FB
- The Naked Scientists putting the fun back into science! EXCELLENT
FB , Tw
- Dr Karl Science Q&A Podcast - FB top quality search ABC science forum
- Science in New York City pretty good

Radio 4
- Costing the Earth - looking at man's effect on the environment
- Frontiers - Exploring new ideas in science.
- Home Planet - listeners Qs about environment - with Climate Panic Skeptic :Philip Stott, banned ?
- Leading Edge - bringing you the latest news from the world of science.
- Living World - A gentle weekend natural history programme.
- The Material World - Quentin Cooper reports on developments across the sciences. MW Podcast
- More or Less excellent BBC Radio4 show on practical Maths & rigging stats etc - moreorless pod [I'm a loyal listener (non-pedants chapter)]
- In Our Time history of ideas

- hidden new progs on 4 Extra, Tw, Strange Weather Days

- Sundays evenings on Radio Wales Mousemat OR Science Cafe - Popular Computing / Science with Adam Walton. pretty good - (only 7 day archive)
- Pythagoras Trousers Science with Engineering on Radio Cardiff Mon & Tue
BBC Worldservice , One Planet, Digital Planet..see tech column , The Forum FB, Science in Action (Science in Action FB Group , Discovery

American science podcasters :
- Radiolab surprisingly good for an American prog
- organised by the Dr who does Brain Science Podcast .com, FB, FORUM
- DW Radio Tip use RSS in IE : Spectrum science, Living Planet GW (environment)
- scientific American (popularist industry advertising) magazine has 60s podcasts and 30 mins
- Groks from U California usually someone pluggng a science book each week, sometimes good stuff

The website as well as other websites of The Conversations Network closed at the end of 2012.
- Twitter bit like Radio 4's In Our Time but about a science book each week see
- Stanford Discussion similar to above
- SIC Fuller list of progs mostly green prpaganda

- The Guardian Science weekly podcast
- NPR - NPR Science Friday good archive - probably bit too simplistic
- AAAS - Podcast too dry, boring, difficult to absorb the info
- VOA shows - ourworld GW Earth and Sky
- Radio Netherlands - Research File science (off air) also have environment show Earthbeat GW
- Science Today from U California not exciting but a comprehensive archive
- scienceandsociety very serious lectures not bad sporadic updates
- from RTE Icons Of Irish Science
- Quantum from RTE old stuff
- diffusionradio bit amateur from Community Radio in Sydney
- NPR Living On Earth GW climate on every show
- It's worth checking the Open University set option on AUDIO and click refresh
- Mixed quality but seems often has issues that are not raised in the mainstream

- Penn Jillettes archive
- Penn's NEW Prog
- good weekly podcast but CAGW true believers
- affiliated TV
- weekly podcast blasting away the widespread popular pseudoscience, pity he's a bit imprecise like a Skeptic Rush Limbaugh
- Quackbusting & Science Education for kids
- Jon Ronson podcasts New Discoveries
- Skeptically Speaking new from Canada formerly Q Transmissions archive
- Kylie Sturgess podcast ... not checked
- poddelusion .. green + lefty
- Evilburnee - .. a Skepticality type podcast Epi31.m4a can't save it
- Science for Skeptics and more
- Little Atoms .. Little Atoms site, RSS Not updating use feedburner

- from the Center For Inquiry founded by Paul Kurtz
- Free Thought Radio ,
- Humanist News podcast
- GeologicPodcast by Arthur Hrab ..very well produced featuring The Religious Moron of the week
- Philosophybites podcast not great, maybe worth the occasional look

Archaelogy Podcasts
- Archaeology News with Win Scutt Tue - 3:35am on Up all night, complex so first read details in right column
- Naked Archaeology Excellent
- All the Time Team TV progs are available on the Channel 4 player and there is extra audio on their site also
- R4 Making History, FB, Sceptred Isle
- BBC History mag Podcasts, Forum

BBC - Outriders podcasts, shownotes
- Digital Planet, FB, Tw BillT, Tw Gareth gone all London art student now
- Click On, Mousemat closed
- 5 Live Saturday Edition - 2 hour prog mixing tech & todays news. "weird on the web", gadgets, car technology etc. archived for 7 days
CBC- Searchengine, Spark quite good science & tech
- BBC Science Focus Magazine also has tech articles Tw & in Australia there is Techtalk - FINISHED in 2012 bit commercial
- but NEW from ABC downloadthisshow
- NEW in 2012 TV but like radio. CLICK AUDIO for mp3 only Triangulation Tech Interviews pretty good
- NEW from FT IT prog on ended in 2013
- GOOD from RNZ This Way Up
- Jeremy Wagstaff ex-WSJ Asia tech reports on BBC World Service Business. FB, Tw
- New Find From Canada CFRA Computer Show *

Health / Medicine Podcasts
- All in the Mind - Exploring the limits and potential of the mind.
- Check Up- Your chance to talk to doctors about health issues. also see Case Notes with Mark Porter
- Health Check- The issues affecting the world of medicine and healthcare
- RTE Mind matters- old series
- CBC Whitecoat- started again
- Medical news with Canadian Dr Art Hister - Friday UAN very good
- Brain Science Podcast .com- NEW neuroscience progs (but she speaks far too slow for me) - her link site shows more podcasts

- BBC Science archive
- The Google Directory List
- The Yahoo Directory List

and you can find other directories with a search - a lot of the US shows are just 2 minutes segments. The ones listed below are full shows.
- other directories - podcasting news, aaqq (not updated ?,

ABC Oz A whole set of science programmes/lectures - Big Idea, By Design, The Science Show, Ockhams Razor. Usually GW evangelical. Thankfully abcnewswatch exposes & Counterpoint is there to put contrary views.

Canada Radio good list of all CBC podcasts
- Ideas : 8 lectures about Thinking about Science
- Quirks podcast worth a check sometimes

- manchestersciencefestival Podcasts

- OPINION I prefer the British shows which are more serious about the science & the humour sophisticated. Whereas the US shows are a bit too folksy, talk about themselves too much instead of the issues & let in a lot of weak science.

- Speed tips - North American shows waffle so I usually listen to podcasts at 120% speed, but with Brit/Aus I often listen at 90% speed. (strangely some people sound sexier at that speed)
GW= GW evangelical Many shows take the line "see another effect of climate change ! everyone believes".
- A few others are more pragmatic. (thank God)
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D Grade
- The BBC /ABC are very good, because of their experience and professionalism, but there are some podcasts which seem very amateur, they talk about themselves too mundanely and bang on and on about Global warming ...these progs are unlistenable to me unless there is a special topic
- This Week In Science GW
- Skepticality GW, FB
-OZ Skeptics VODcasts most files too big/slow
-BBC Science Magazine monthly - too amateur
- selected shorts PRI on NPR - very American very PC I didn't like
- everydayscience sponsored by Bayer - no longer programmes
- seems 2001
- SGU recommended, but I didn't find it that good
- The Independent recommended This American Life, but it's nothing compared to the quality of radio outside the US like BBC and ABC Oz correspondent programmes

See also THE BRAIN CHANNEL PODCASTS live lectures