79 Bad Guys.. it's all dirty PR

Notice Green's using blatant lies and rhetorical tricks

- ever since Lord Krebs lied right in front of me
- i have noticed a few other similar
Rhetoric : crap like "We are not spending a single penny of government money on insulation" do you get that ? ... cos insulation subsidy comes out of electrcity bills not gov money

Media DramaGreening it's all dirty PR
.... and stuff the truth

- somes up what I have been thinking for a while and explains the blatant lies.

The Merchants of Doom/Fear
Green PR it's about the message not about the facts
big on PR low on facts
Warmism where the message is more important than the truth
"Climate alarmists' tactics -- exaggeration, misrepresentation, smear and scorn -- have hurt the movement more than helped it. No surprise there. Cultist are always the last to recognise the folly of their ways."- Quadrant essay

- When the idea of dangerous anthropogenic global warming (AGW) from fossil fuel emissions arose it found strong resonance across a variety of important interests. For researchers it meant funding and recognition. With the media it was attention-grabbing drama. To activists it was the mother of all eco-threats. Business saw huge profits to be made, while bureaucrats recognised the potential for massive increases in power and control. - For politicians it was a no-brainer, with strong popularity on one side and only denigration on the other.

- "Their MO is to produce fear and panic .. Thats how they create policy .. Every storm has their stamp on it . Can you imagine blaming CO 2 for every storm on the planet ."
- 7 stories of how greenpeace harass corps
- book warning of alarmist tactics ..see on WUWT

Chris Horner Harassed by Greenpeace -

He has testified before the United States Senate Committees on Foreign Relations and Environment and Public Works, given numerous addresses in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels and before policymakers in numerous capitals including London, Rome, Copenhagen, Madrid, Warsaw and Prague. As a result of these efforts to educate the public, Greenpeace has repeatedly targeted Mr. Horner, by stealing his garbage on a weekly basis, issuing press releases announcing with whom he is seen in the same room and including him in various other hysterical publications including most recently “A Field Guide to Climate Criminals” distributed at the UN climate meeting in Montreal in December 2005. Also in 2005, Cristina Narbona, Spain’s Socialist Environment Minister, referred to Horner as “the devil” for demonstrating to audiences in Spain and other European Union nations how Europe is failing to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and why Europeans should abandon the doomed process.

Notice Green's using blatant lies and rhetorical tricks

Good piece PR Professionals Deliberately Deceived Public About Global Warming and Climate Change

I put the Crichton quote on the blog front page

Want good coverage? Tell a good story. When your business is under siege, you can’t hope to control the situation without first controlling the story. The most effective form of communication is a compelling narrative that ties your interest to those of your audience. This is particularly critical when you’re caught in the spotlight; it doesn’t matter if you have the facts on your side if your detractors are framing the story. So, don’t just react. Take some time now to define your company story. Then you’ll be ready to build a response into that narrative should something go wrong.
said by guy behind DesmogBlog

Their techniques

discredit critics
* "your not a scientist"
* " your not in the field"
notice the hypocrisy, that they don't apply the rules to selves : nobody ever questioned Al Gore’s qualifications or financial
* you take dirty big oil money

initiate personal attacks
* ad hominem
* marginalizes by implying they are at best outside any norm. “Flat Earther”, “Conspiracy theorist”.

- Notice they have PR answers rather than real answers

But science doesn’t need PR, so why do climate scientists use it? The apparent answer is they are not telling the truth and worse, know it.

"science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. abandon the religion of environmentalism, and return to the science of ecology, and base our public policy decisions firmly on that."

Missed quite a few things the public shouldn't just rely on authority repression of skeptic scientists who public can trust

It's about PR not science ..Yes agreee that explains why so many articles or programmes are hatchet jobs

hatchet job in the Boston Globe against Willie Soon proves they are staging deliberate PR attacks rather than do a science
- just look at the super negative comments - they are all ad homs "big oil" etc. there is almost no attempt to tackle the science ..trick is to put comments on BESt then look at page 2 from the bottom so you are reading the comments rated least popular ..note how they are the most intelligent.

Why Media use "useful Idiots" if so many scientists believe ?

.. that’s a product of the rule that only that only the “useful idiots” with no technical ability to challenge are SELECTED as the interface to the public on Global Warming ..strange that at the same time as as expecting the public to believe that 97% of scientists in the climate field are firmly in a “consensus” they can’t find many who can unblushingly explain climate science to the public so rely instead on this series of politicians/activists and useful idiots

- There's supposed to be this 97% of scientists yet, when it comes to the media they seem to have difficulty in finding scientists working in that field, so rely instead on this series of politicians/activists and useful idiots including scientists well out of the field like Geneticist Steve Jones, whereas skeptics can find scientists from climate specialities like modelling ( nowhere on the net can find Matt McGrath’s qualifications)

'global warming fear is damaging our young'

wattsupwiththat.com - If you are not a good little boy/girl and don't work hard to stop every gramme of CO2, then the bogeyman will come & get you !

- So a child that started school in 2000 was told : "when you grow up, it will be so much warmer than now and the planet will be on it's way to catastrophe" - So now in 2013 that child after 13 years of Eco-indoctrination has finished school, they find the temperature is still the same as when they started. ...... And you wonder why kids hate & despise adults ?

- Daddy, where is all the extra heat you said would destroy us ? "It's hiding ...where we can't see it deeep in the ocean ...but one day it's going to jump out and get us ..whoaaa !"

Wind - spin : On BBC Politics prog

: John weatherman Kettley : "well everyone knows that all the other fuels are going to run out so we do need these wind turbines whatever"
...sorry John "everyone knows" doesn't cut it ..peak oil etc. does look like a fantasy

- "Wind Energy is just environmental bling" said Chris Heaton Harris

Polar Bear Spin : debunked

I see Dr Susan Crockford challenges "save the polar bear" propaganda has been updated ..see bottom of that page

Slogan : Can you trust the Green Movement ?

- Wrong on Steiner
- Wrong on GMOs
- Wrong on Nuclear

Greenpeace Eco-Terrorists

Saturday they held demos at Shell petrol stations in aid of the people who attacked the Russian Oil platform and nearly knocked the Russian workers in the sea.
Greenpeace: Too lazy to work, to bored to sleep, not open to reason and rich enough to be dangerous.

Greens Playing by Alinsky rules

; I found this : "A friend of mine organises crews for various marine jobs. He was involved with loading the remains of a wave energy device on a ship bound for an Irish scrap yard. A journalist turned up and the renewables "developer" told him the device was a great success and was heading to Norway to be installed as the first fully commercial wave energy convertor. The ship's captain and my friend looked at each other in disbelief at the man's utter contempt for the truth. We live in strange times..."

Ah i see there is a FB page where 185,000 people are having calm rational discussion , without any dramaqueening namecalling and bullying of sceptics

but Science rules don't apply to Climate Science™

- The religion "Climate Science ™" isn't actually a science as a result of the "ends justify the means" practice by the people who deal with it.* They have exempted it from a the normal rules that apply to science; one could make a list of 50 : fact being by consenus instead of proper validation, the focus being on proving hypothesis instead of disproving, results being twisted to confirm the hypothesis in every event (Popper's definition of pseudoscience), skepticism being banned instead of accepted, pal review being the norm, maliciously adjusting data, keeping methods & data secret, policy being implemented on theories which don't actually predict real world outcomes, being publicised straight to pop-sci press before peer review completed etc. etc. - Now there are proper sciences/engineering that deal with aspects of climate science from physics/ stats to even economics & psychology , but once they hand over their research to "climate science" dramagreens, it stops being science. - Hence Lew et al are exempt from the ethics code cos what they are doing is "Climate Science ™" not real science - The big problem is the damage this all has done to the CREDIBILITY of real science .. and on this occasion the reputation of University of Western Australia (& Its board : Professor Paul Johnson etc.) who probably mistakenly think that in 70 years time there will be a blue plaque there & in Bristol.. commemorating the saving of the world ... but now would you jump to employ alumni or recommend an overseas student study there ? * from Alinksy : You are saving the planet, so yes you break the rules. They give you a Nobel Prize before you start, so what will they give you once you've done it ? And no one else thinks of the chhhildren ! .......... 1988 the year "the logic died" ........ (H/T absolutelyboring101 in FP). @jamspid so presenter who made a porn film produces saucily incriminating photo of Farage ..It's TV ... falseness is not confined to Climate_Science™ it's permeates much of society & most of TVland

WUWT article, spot on Warmists are all PR not science

..Yes agreee that explains why so many articles or programmes are hatchet jobs one commenter gave an example : hatchet job in the Boston Globe proves they are staging deliberate PR attacks rather than do a science
(trick is to put comments on BEST then look at page 2 from the bottom so you are reading the comments rated least popular ..note how they are the most intelligent. )

- Similar was the hatchet job on BBC Feedback against Carter & Skeptics
- "Why didn't they just say what were the specific errors were in Carter's science ?" the skeptics said
..cos it's not about the science with them
If they ...think it's good PR to lie they'll blatantly do it
They've become lying devious bastards , when before I thought they were just genuinely confused.

- It's what concreted my skepticism more than 10 years ago I'd think "i don't know I'm right ont eh science", but i know the warmist guy is wrong cos he's just lied and it very confident about something he cannot possibly be certain about

see page 82 for more

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