72 UK Energy price rise/Green Taxes

Millibands energy price fix idea

- It's just reducing choice and competition. At mo you can choose floating price or higher fixed, Ms plan makes everyone choose the fixed.
- price fix is just forcing customers to sign up to a fix priced plan which is what sellers want anyway ..gives certainty
- The producers next promotion "signup for our fixed price 3 year plan before the pre-Milliband price rise"

BBC TV's Consumer watchdog tonight - The guy under the Rogue Trader sign was promising cheaper future energy prices, but the BBC has him on film a few years back putting prices up. If it's magically easy to make suppliers give cheaper, then why didn't he do it when he was energy minister ? #CanYouTrustMilliband

CURRENT UK energy shortage

In last week's BBC R4 Bottom Line they talked about the CURRENT UK energy shortage. You need a lot of energy to run a data centre and for fast connection you need to be in city not at a hydro-electric plant in the countryside. 1 company had a technique to stop competitors they buy all the energy supply in the area even though they don't need it.

Official Parliament Doc shows gov intends to put massive extra charges on energy

1. Jeez Paul is copying the other side i.e. scarmongering exaggeration. Oh hang on he's got clear evidence.

2. "2/3 of the extra costs will fall on non-domestic" Oh so I will pay 15p/Kwh and the shop downstairs will pay 21p/Kwh well that is inciting crime & costs will as you say come back to the consumer anyway

3. Surely it won't happen ... UK Industry paying double price for energy as competing countries is as the greens say "unsustainable"
4. However there is a flaw in the figures in the report, there is no certainty cos they depend on the international price of energy. If it falls the stated percentages will be much more,

But percentages will be smaller if as the Liberal led DECC has always prophesied energy prices will massively rise ..(cos there won't ever be any new sources like fracking or fusion)

Hyped Fuel poverty story

Story is old ? Rehash of The Independent Newspaper Article in 2012
- Deconstructed by straightstatistics.org
- Liddel is a Psychology researcher - consulting on programs to tackle fuel poverty Publications and homepage

My quick notes : Dodgy extrapolations ? This article is a bit low on the hard stats we expect here* - 22K annual excess UK deaths due to cold weather is reasonably standard based on comparing sickess/deaths stats for cold seasons vs summer.. shows cold causes more sickness and less recovery.
- graphs shows how since WW2 the difference has come down.
- but saying 1/3 of that figure is due to fuel poverty is not such an easy . What matters is if fuel was cheaper would those 7,800 people live years longer ?
- A good start is the The Full Fact page

"Not our fault ..It's all due to the profiteering big 6 energy companies ..ra ra ra !" "we were/are in political power but didn't/can't do anything except make big promises"

todays price rises of 8% are due to :
1. Increased transission costs
and 2.the cost that the governments energy law measures (which has gone up 13% this year) (so now adding £110/year average bill accoring to Paul Homewood)
.."No it's only 9% " said gov spokesman on BBC You and Yours

"Let them pay for renewables" says Vince "Marie Antoinette" Cable

@johanna your comment on Vince Cable is worth repeating. that he seems to be saying : "electricity is too expensive, all we need to do is tax them more to build more and more renewables and then we'll benefit when renewables become cheaper" ..
delusion 1. that wind or solar can get more efficient
delusion 2. that the arabs will keep the oil price high if something else cheaper comes along

- ended by the pres review quoting Daily Mail "Cameron has to deal with his Lib Dem partners who care more about green posturing than the elderly freezing to death" then Lomborg

Odd Notes

What's cool about big bloated monolistic corporations that don't pay tax ? like Apple Like Google Catastrophe theory's 1998-2013 record ?. Proponents bIg on DRAMA QUEENING & low on validated predictions. CO2 & Temperature levels are VALIDATEDscience the predictions of catastrophe are not

I don't know what future climate will be, but their system of logic doesn't seem to hold up.

Today DramaQueens go beyond VALIDATEDscience & bet £bns, will be paidback out of their pensions if proved wrong

"BBC can't air skeptics" "you can speak, your not a scientist" big on Censorship ? #CDQ #ClimateDramaQueens

The David Archer actor .".wind turbines are peeing in the wind ..what about a Severn barrage ..it would generate 3 nuclear power stations worth."

- VALIDATEDscience predicts reality 100% of the time " IPCC="green activists say what scientists say" & produced no validated predictions

- Refs :IPPCC="scientists say/Activists say"=opinion "IPCC full of unqualified & Activists" http://www.amazon.co.uk/Donna-Laframboise/e/B00EZWIV7S BTW latest IPCC science report is being rewritten to fit with the poloical report AR5 ..shouldn't it be other way around ?

r4 plugging Find Invest Grow sharing website also the people who share http://www.compareandshare.com/ gloss toff thing ..not sure if really practical

Low all those other stupid countries not investing in offshore oil, how stupid they are. They will stuck with high energy prices in the future cos fossil fuel prices don't track demand. The producers will rather not sell then cut their prices if cheaper alternative become available.

Many Local Radio NOT yet on DAB due to Muxco finance problems. Ask DAB guy next time http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1809264 #R4Mediashow @steve_hewlett

Drama queening motivation "It's important it really matter, think of the children !" "it's so important we must remain on message so it's OK to be flexible with the truth" Anyone listened to Quentin Cooper presenting "Challenges in Chemical Renewable Energy" Meeting in Cambridge (RSC Royal Society of Chemistry) BBC link Strangely the facebookpage is not filled with positive greendream, somwe negative comments and some ads

- 2 stories reported on BBC 5 Live last night "Social Content Farming"

- CO2 has been at 10 times todays levels

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