71 Warmists :Fear drives them to jump to Conclusions

Clive James on Brian Coxes science show

- Incredible in a Telegraph article Clive James points out Cox shows the rules for science, then excempts climate science from science rules. Then there ias a massive backlash of namecalling from Coxes friend like Simon Singh and Jim Alkaleli

So we have in 2013 Greens are not Green, Science Skeptics are not Skeptical and Scientists are not scientific (* appply the word most/many in front of each category)

- seems "fear goggles" cause them to think too fast and rush to conclusions

- I think eSmiff is entitled to be firm about Tamsin ..all too often we let the warmists do all the shouting when actually it is important for us to express anger ..it matters !

Another Clive James article

That 2009 Clive James article is brilliant .. if the media had allowed other such plain speaking articles instead of suppressing them then the world would be a better place.
- Why have I never seen it before ? I post it here cos it deserves a wider audience

"eminence based science"

= "scientists say" or "97% consensus says" = "4th class science" - Franz Hoffman explains
In medicine we have a system called "evidence based medicine". You have 4 levels of validity starting with level1, which means that there are many randomized controlled studies existing for a therapy. Lowest level is 4b, the opinion of experts. This level is ironically called "eminence based medicine". I think "eminence based science" could be a correct classification for the unproven "95% consensus". No, it is even below that level. And, remember the Hockey Stick? Wasn't there a nearly 100% consensus of the so called experts?

Bloom : Media misled to Monster him
an illustration of how UK media work

Previously I never particularly liked Godfrey Bloom or UKIP and I hear in the media "Godfrey Bloom has lost the party whip for calling women 'sluts' at the party's conference." and I said "outrageous quite right he should be fired."
..but why didn't the media play the actual clip ? what exactly did he say ..it took me 2 weeks to get around to checking.
- When I check he said something different from what the media implied Audio
After two female UKIP members joked they did not clean behind the fridge, Mr Bloom admits he quipped: "This place is full of sluts.""I made a joke and said 'oh well, you're all sluts'

- He clearly used in the old fashioned way as in "untidy woman", knowing it can be taken as a double entendre. OK young people don't know the old meaning. But clearly everyone in the room did, cos they all laughed and moved on. Media professionals must also known, but don't seem to have made any attempt to explain to their punters ..but rather took it as a chance to "monster" Bloom. I have to say that is pretty dishonest and shows how media people are willing to routinely deceive their punters.

A Surprise on the Drones breed Taliban meme

Pakistan Big City People really hate drones, Peshawar "A majority in the tribal Taliban terrorised areas are probably in favour" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jpgtv
- An example of opinions/feelings driving peoples reality instead of the other way around

- Pakistan : Who hates/likes drones ? AUDIO The BBC reporter explained that the further away you get from where they work the more people hate them. In the big cities the public are absolutely certain drones should stop, cos the accidental civilian damage is recruiting Taliban. But he said when you go the areas where the drones work, people like them. The situation is that the Taliban are out of control brutal & killing 100 people a day, but the drones are really making an impact against them and their collateral damage is not even 1% of the Talibans killings.
- Pakistani reporters who have worked in tribal areas know the REALITY is local people like drones, but they can't say this on air, cos this does not fit with their big city viewers OPINION of reality.
- So who hates drones ? The big city people & the Taliban (now say they won't negotiate until drone strikes are stopped.)
- Who likes drones ? the normal people in Taliban areas and in Afghanistan the military people running supply convoys (when they attacked by the Taliban the drones are there to shoot back at them.)
- An example of opinions/feelings driving peoples reality instead of the other way around

- Some one is surprised at this angle from BBC "Wow, some actual journalism on the radio; drones have significant support in Pakistan, increasing as you get closer to the Taliban"

Oreskes : DramaQueen bad science

@Capell That is a brilliant piece of info that you can tell the quality of Oreskes scientific understanding by the fundamental simple errors that they list in their own MOD errata after the book was published.

- Oreskes sales ? Almost every local library has a shelf "Green-Reality reading" sponsored by Big Oil , and every university ecology/enviropment dept buys lots of skeptic books (NOT)
- In the real world due to the power of Big Green the reverse is the case so they'll be maybe more Oreskes books bought than read.
Actually I did notice our library has 1 copy of Christopher's Book "The Real Global Warming Disaster" You might like to put in a request that your local library to buy one of the Bishop books : Andrew Montford's books.
- The green Living Shelf should be relabelled GreenDrean & Drama Queening

"Let them pay for renewables" says Vince "Marie Antoinette" Cable

@johanna your comment on Vince Cable is worth repeating. that he seems to be saying : "electricity is too expensive, all we need to do is tax them more to build more and more renewables and then we'll benefit when renewables become cheaper" ..
delusion 1. that wind or solar can get more efficient
delusion 2. that the arabs will keep the oil price high if something else cheaper comes along

- ended by the pres review quoting Daily Mail "Cameron has to deal with his Lib Dem partners who care more about green posturing than the elderly freezing to death" then Lomborg

- CO2 has been at 10 times todays levels

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