The Tony Blair "He's a war criminal" rant
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- Tony Blair "He's a war criminal"
- I find it bizarre that so many people in the UK say that and bang on about it ..showing that have a total lack of perspective in their picture of the world.

- Another example of irrationalality today is the strange belief that many many people have today about Tony Blair. They shout and go on demonstrations to get him convicted for war crimes. As if he were it would make everthing alright.

- 1. Wishing that something had never happened doesn't fix the future. By trying Blair you can't put the clock back.
-2. The people who are pulling the triggers in Iraq are not British or Americans they are Iraqi criminals and their friends so they are the evil ones.
-3. The ideal peace in Iraq has not been achieved, but the deathrate since the war is 5 times less than under Saddam.

- It's bizarre : it's like prosecuting Churchill and leaving Hitler. Look neither Churchill or Blair are perfect people, but did Churchill have a plan to exterminate the Jewish "race" and take over Europe as being a divinely superior race ? No it was Hitler who was the evil one. It was Saddam who tried to exterminate the Marsh Arabs, attacked the Kurds and allowed his sons to behave like monsters. He killed something like 2 million people with his brutal police killing 1000+ people/week year after year. Who pretended to have WMDAnd played a game with expelling weapons inspectors etc ? Than was Saddam not Blair.

- Iraq has not been in a good situation since the war, people have been dying at a lower rate than under Saddam, but under him there was more security who would die. Then if you were a Bath' party member you were safe, but today it's more random.We know the vast majority of Iraqi deaths have happened after the war not during. So since the war have Iraqi's been killed by British soldiers guns or American bombs ? No they've been killed by "insurgents". Is Tony Blair responsible for killings by insurgents ? No, he's only responsible for the British Army. The allies maybe responsible for an unstable government in Iraq, but it is Iraqi criminals and their friends who are pulling the triggers killing other Iraqis.

- Tony Blair's worst crime is to inadequately explain the US started the Iraq war...... he may have secret info he can't divulge.

- Some people might think in terms of British lives instead of human lives. If British troops had stayed in the UK some troops would have been injured or killed in training say 20% of current levels.
1. If deaths in Iraq have reduced from 50K/year under Saddam to 10K/year and 100British soldiers. Isn't that a price worth paying ?
2. It sends a message to foreign governments saying "if you allow terrorists who attack the UK to base in your country then we might invade your country"

Being a rock star is more dangerous than being a British soldier in Afghanistan
- The excellent BBC radio prog more or less had an analysis about why rock stars seem to die at 27 ..
- He took the album charts and found yes many rock stars die young 2.3% die within 5 years of becoming famous, he then checked a comparible group of 25 year olds and found they have 0.3% chance. And then found frontline soldiers serving 5 years in Afghanistan have a death rate of 2.3%. audio clip : Matt Parker of Queen Mary University of London ... Not really surprsing people do die in Afghanistan, but with a hell of a lot of troops in Afghanistan even given fantastic management and professionalism some will die.

- Tony Blair "He's a war criminal"

- Fitting the idea of less than perfect outcome into our Brain - In any country things vary. It’s not the worst case in every area. Before the typical Iraqi could keep his head down and lead a normal life. Maybe today in some areas half his brothers have no job, he has to stay in his neighborhood and stay at home after dark. Whereas in a perfect outcome to the war he would have kept the living standard from before and increased safety and political freedom. The ones who were in danger from Saddam before have seen an improvement, but he was not one of them so he's seen decreased security. But even if there had been no Second Iraq war there would have been an end to Saddam family rule sometime. So the upheaval of now would have happened to his family in the future. The war didn't cause today's upheaval it just brought forward an innevitable fighting which happens when there has been a minority ruling over a majority in a brutal manner. If you look a Iraq over a 100 year period surely the war was worth it ?

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