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PROJECTION is the climate alarmist hallmark

- Cos the alarmists' dogma was falling apart under skeptics scientific criticism, they decided to use dirty PR tricks to smear them. To fight skeptics they created a website, which accuses that there is a big conspiracy of well funded skeptics denying science.
- This is of course total projection.
- Start with the name it's an ambush name designed to deceive people and hijack science's good name. Not Skeptical, nor science : The site is not pro-skeptic, nor is it pro-science as it's just about pushing Green Dogma.
Rather than following the proper VALIDATED science, it WRONGLY seeks to assert :
"cherrypicked opinions" + phrase "scienctists say" = "science fact"

- Based in Australia and centred around it's founder cartoonist John Cook, it became popular with the 'cool left wing circuit'. It is closely associated with a well financed climate alarmist propaganda website in the US called DesmogBlog. SkS came to be heavily partnered by a passionate Green academic called Lewandowsky. A pyschology prof based at UWA, Perth (transferred to Bristol UK) . After a confrontation with skeptics about a dubious paper he made, he came up with a plan to make an academic paper smearing the skeptics as conspiracy nutcases. Indeed the 2nd paper names John Cook as a co-author.

- Now this gets complicated cos he tried once :
#1"NASA Faked the Moon Landing—Therefore (Climate) Science Is a Hoax" - journal Psychological Science in 2012 "based on only 10 anonymous internet responses gleaned from sites that hate skeptics." Jonova
- That generated headlines so he tried again with a new paper
#2 "Recursive Fury" Frontiers in Personality Science and Individual Differences. never actually properly published, first put on their website, then marked "withdrawn", and then finally officially retracted March 2014 ..Discussion
.. A peer reviewed analylsis of the first flawed paper was published in 2015

Details of the #2 "Recursive Fury" retraction saga

- Not being a proper academic exercise the paper was flawed from the start, but Lew pushed and hyped his paper in the media, before it was published. The paper , drew criticism from skeptics due to it's flaws and was not actually published as it's publisher sent it back.

- Unfortunately instead of denouncing the paper for the crap it was, the whole alarmist side and media decided to 'circle the wagons'. This is a characteristic they have, which has continually discredited their side as untrustworthy, as they refuse to ever acknowledge any mistakes. They did the same for Climategate and 28 gate either ignoring problems or whitewashing them.

- Over the next year it was still not published and projecting again Lew and the SkS team kept coming up with conspiracy nutcase theories as to why. Eventually the publishers announced formerly the retraction of the paper. This was an incredible problem for alarmists as after so many whitewashes they would have to face up to a big error. So as damage limitation exercise they made it widely known, that the paper was fine, but actually,as huge legal pressure from skeptics of threats to sue for libel, the publisher had been afraid to publish.
"Lie" said skeptics.

Even Skeptic Kylie Sturgess still fully indoctrinated

- Kylie Sturgess used to be a promising Australian Skeptic getting into teaching children critical thinking etc. Then over the years I noticed she was a full member of the Church of Climate Alarmism.
- Indeed she has a recent podcast praising John Cook

" three great science communicators: John Cook, Vanessa Hill and Kylie Walker. John Cook is the Climate Communication Fellow for the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland. He created SkepticalScience.com, a website that refutes climate misinformation with peer-reviewed science"

God she is deluded: it's a dirty PR site aimed at smearing skeptics, like Desmog blog, It starts with deception from the start with it's ambush name intended to give the impression it's about skeptical issues. However it is never skeptical, and not science, rather it's green dogma all the way.

Looks like she also made a podcast (can't download) The Language of Denialism ..it's sad Australian Skepticism has sunk so low.

- Then I see there are massive brainwashing exercise like The National Science Communicators conference that she flies to ..it appears to be an alarmist closed shop, don't know who runs it but Robyn Williams is part of the crowd.

- I forgot to say Tim Flannery is listed in the list of speakers of the Australian National Science Communicators conference 2014

I think Australian Skeptics Facebook page is an other ambush site

- like Skeptical Science I went over to there to see what they were saying about Lewandowsky now, as previously I have been shouted and bullied off the conversation by Tim Scanlon and all. Now I notice they have a pegged post : "This is not the official presence of Australian Skeptics Inc on Facebook.My question about Lewandowsky was just ignored as per the "don't engage with skeptics deniers" rule.
- A recent post is titled "Trust in science and global warming denialism. It is the fault of the media, isn't it (ignoring the vested-interest shills)."

- There is a second Australian Facebook page " ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science an academic but alarmist propaganda site, the guy used to run "Ask a Climate Scientist" FB page but he stopped it ..seemed questions he was getting got too hard for him.

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