My REALITY CHECK Blog : The Intro 2/2/2010
- It's a mad mad irrational world. Humanity never has a grip on reality. We have to see thru the BS
Nov 2013 I just found this :In a 2003 speech Michael Crichton, graduate of Harvard Medical School and author of State of fear, said,

- "I have been asked to talk about what I consider the most important challenge facing mankind, and I have a fundamental answer. The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance."


I try to live my life on a rational basis as much as possible. Sometimes I even succeed for a while.
In my experience this makes me a member of a pretty small minority.
- For some time I have been writing about this irrational world so I guess I should tie it all together in a new blog.

- Why is it important ? - The problem is if we have BS picture of the world we can't make good decisions for the future even if we have fantastic reasoning.
- Understanding life is like swimming in jam

- 1 year later this page is still messy. Notes on memory sick got lost last year when my USB stick got corrupted ..and everyday I seem to have 28 hours of stuff to do so I haven't had time to fix this
- And then it's actually difficult to get back in the zone and write properly as with a complex world and the media disinforming etc it's easy to lose focus.

So much Irrationality
- Bonkers, Bollocks, BS, Bull, Tosh, Bunkum - there's so much of it around : Religion, TV, romanticism etc.

Quote : - "Very few (if any) people have a full rational worked out for everything they do and believe.The vast majority at least take short-cuts by making a few assumptions and simple preference selections. After that they may or may not try to work out a logical basis for their decisions."

So much Noise
- Have you ever noticed that when you try to get to the bottom of a subject how difficult it is . There is so much noise on the internet forums are jammed with posters putting the same old point or making stupid comments etc.

- Noise on the net TV etc
A Rational person in a Irrational World

Other sources about reasoning errors
- massive list on Wikipedia
- See my fallacy list and about the importance of The Scientific Method

- very well presented but full of errors - more-common-faults-in-human-thought
- they suggest continuing with a failing project just because you have invested so much in it already
- useful info on critical thinking from Skepdic
- interesting book

Unlearning Contaminated Info
- Apart from in school science lessons info rarely comes in a pure form, rather it comes inside stories which include emotion and with other info which may turn out to be false. There is always a need to unpack the story to get to the raw info. Do we need to take into account the context i.e. From a Daily Mail Article or direct from your scientist friend ?

- I know this from teaching English; some students are worse than beginners. They have learnt to do something the wrong way so first you have to get them to unlearn this habit, before you can teach the correct way. One may see an emotional story banged in again and again by newspapers so form a picture in ones mind. But 10 years later in a calmer more objective time understand the picture in a completely different way and realise your initial point of view was wrong. Whereas if your mind had been less contaminated, then you would have reached the truth quicker.

- It would be good if their was an information service which supplies uncontaminated information .... actually Wikipedia with it's policy of NPV is aiming for this I suppose. The BBC although aiming for impartiality seves a lot of contaminated info through it's choice of agenda, lifting stories from other media, emotional input etc It's the nature of TV, radio in comparison to encyclopedic writing.
- Rather than being productive reading newspapers leaves more muddled than before, unlless one has imense skill in filtering bad info from good.

Wordpress notes and stories
I almost never use my Wordpress blog but I see I did put a couple of stories and notes there whilst I was in West Kalimentan and I haven't got around to writing them up on my own website. They are mostly just comments I put on BH anyway
- UK is Mr Bean on Climate Change & Energy
- Some notes about Harrabin deliberately constructing stories to smear skeptics I could see he was cos of the way he would have to go back and change articles days after they had been published and propagated
- BBC acts as an advertising agency for Greenblob
A common theme is that BBC/press articles seem to have direct input from GreenBlob like NGOs and GreenEnergy corps
- 3 Examples of Green stories which have been re-edited to show different narratives
- New Fracking Opinion Report is a sexed up version of his 2013 report
- RealWorld/GreenFantasyWorld : Newsweeks lies about solar

Greens get carried away that they don't kow the difference between Reality and the nightmare or dream they imagine : A Toronto Star reorter basically fabricated an entire article about Ezra Levant
Brilliant ethics code, Pity the Toronto Star exempts GreenReligion from it
- That Toronto Star story

- Surely there an quick test of whether Gobal warming causes Extreme weather
- Did the prince Charles letters reveal Climate propagandising ?
- Daniel Dennet’s Rules for Criticsm

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No2BS BS Detecting

PeakLogic other things like Interesting TV

StewGreenDotcom My personal account

a Stew Green opinion
Out of the box thinking
- from someone who was never in the box in the first place

- 0 Top20 BS Issues
.. 2010
- 1 Media manufactures it's own news ,
- 2 The Tony Blair "He's a war criminal" Mentality ,
- 3 We are Programmed to be wrong ,
- 4 Pychological pattern of "True Believers"
- 5 The Racism of Greenies
- 6 Garbage In - UK Media harms proper thinking about the world
- 7 Climate Claptrap III
- 8 Bollocks on Dragons Den
- 9 A BS Lead News Story Every Friday ?
- 10 Various Stories..
- 11 Climate Claptrap IV
- 12 Climate Claptrap V
- 13 Media IV
- 14 Statistics & Context BBC More or Less
- 15 BBC More or Less II ..
- 16 Fighting Racism with Racism : mad
- 17 Mad support for Railways
- 17a Climate Claptrap VI ..
- 18 The world is completely Insane
- 19 Fundamentals not finished
- 20 Reds hiding behind Green
- 21 BBCNews's Editors binned impartiality
- 21a BBCNews's The Climate Pravda
- 22 Climate Claptrap VII
- 23 Crazy maths
- 24 Dogma Bias & Eco-Brainwashing CC
- 25 DoubtfulNews show No Doubt on Green Dogma CC
- 26 3 Good Questions by Bob Carter CC X
- 27 Quick Deconstruction of the Heartland/Greick story CC
- 28 Using the Heartland/Greick story to teach critical thinking 5 pages CC
- 29 Spin & Smear Tactics by Activist Media CC
- 30 Language Tricks & the pejorative D-word CC XV
- 31 Last Comments on Peter Gleick's Hacking CC
- 32 Greens Destroy Trust with Smear & Lies CC
- 33 Interesting Climate Videos CC
- 34 Greens Racism : Smear Conservatives
- 35 More Craziness
- 36 Climate XII CC
- 37 Climate XIIa CC
- 38 Drought Hysteria Deconstruction CC
- 39 Evaluating Piers Corbyn's Predictions
- 40 Global Warming Argument All on On 1 Page CC
- 41 GAR Theory Green Alternative Reality CC
- 42 Bell the Bullying Bigot CC
- 43 Exposing the Scare-ologers CC
- 44 stuff not finished
- 45 NOT Climate 2012 not finished
- 46 Climate again not finished
- 47 BBC Manufacture Alternative Reality - 30/4/2013
- 48 Games on Climate Change Blogs
- 49 Headlines, much bigger than the story. 10/5/2013 - 400ppm, & "Ice Free"
- 50 USA No Freedom to Doubt
1950 GOD * 2008 Global Warming
- 12/5/2013
- 51 More Bullying in The USA Mad Mann at TAM 20/5/2013
- 52 Debunking Fracking Scares 13/6/2013
- 53. Electric cars : Eco-subsidies Down the Drain 13/6/2013
- 54. TOLLS for Trolls 13/7/2013
- 55. How Accidental Conspiracies Evolve 13/7/2013
- 56. Green's a Master Race ? 13/7/2013
- 57. UNDENIER 2nd part about psychology of shouting denier 13/7/2013
- 58. Green Parallel Universe effect 13/7/2013 ..Guardianleads
- 59. How did The Left become the rednecks ? 13/7/2013
- 60. CC Stuff 13/7/2013
- space left for catching up
- 61 Jo Haigh 3/9/2013
- 62 Campus Party 3/9/2013
- 63 3/9/2013
- 64 Green Tricks at Science Festival 3/9/2013
- 65 Problem with Scientists Advocating 13/8/2013
- 66 Article by NASA astronaut sums up the problems 21/8/2013
- 67 More On Fracking + AR5 11/10/2013
- 68 Acidic error : Missed by Warmists So Focused by Fear 11/10/2013
- 69 Checking "Climate Bias" in BBC Radio output 11/10/2013
- 70 OPINION : Scientist Role Models with Get-A-Boyfriend type clothes 11/10/2013
- 71 Warmists :Fear drives them to jump to Conclusions 11/10/2013
- 72 UK Energy price rise/Green Taxes 12/10/2013
- 73 #ClimatedramaQueens : DRAMaGREENs 12/10/2013
- 74 Green Tricks at Science Festival 12/10/2013
- 75 BBC Feedback prog as if made by Greenpeace/Grantham Hedgefund 12/10/2013
- 76 Tracking Bias in BBC depts 12/10/2013
- 77 Recents Events 12/10/2013
- 78 not there yet 16/11/2013
- 79 Bad Guys 16/11/2013
- 80 BBCEnviro waging a spin war 16/11/2013
Dirty PR campaign in favour of the Green agenda, Keeping up the hype, ClimaScarePorn story of the day, Planting political messages into headlines, Photoshopped steam & polar bears, keeping the skeptic side out
- 81 Fantasyworld : Typhoon Taiyan Climate Change 16/11/2013
- 82 No Science & Only PR pushing Fantasyworldviews 16/11/2013
- 83 Greenpeace Tricks 21/11/2013
- 84 Others 21/11/2013
- 85 Fossil subsidy debunked etc 17/1/2014
- 85 Debunk of "Deniers have $Billions" claim17/1/2014
- 86A notes 17/1/2014
- 86 Green Evangelising at the BBC, Climate Quaks17/1/2014
- 87 BeyonSci - Pop Climate Science is Beyond Science its extrapolated Beyond the Validated 16/11/2013
- 88 Green intolerance 16/11/2013
- 89 Green House Gases 16/11/2013
- 90 Clitanic Disaster 21/11/2013
- 91 Notes about Internet Trolls 16/11/2013
- 92 More Notes about Internet Trolls 16/11/2013
- 93 Trying to claim 2013 As Warmest year 21/11/2013
- 94 New Push to Silence Skeptics : Shermer, Walpole, Rowson 28/1/2014
- 95 Wikipedia misused by Warmists28/1/2014
- 96 Racist Antiracists28/1/2014
- 97 Telexfree Pyramid Scam28/1/2014
- 97 Telexfree Pyramid Scam part 2 with pictures 14/3/2014
- 98 Climate Deluded Exposed by their Fallacies28/1/2014 Suppression of Skeptics 10 by Physic Journal
- 99 Bigging-up Extreme Weather Climate Link1/3/2014
- 100 BBC Suppressing Skeptics due to activist campaign15/3/2014
- 101 New 15/3/2014 Suppression of Skeptics 2
- 102 Media CC Shortcuts & Fallacies 15/3/2014
- 103 Certainty Fallacy15/3/2014
- 104 Parallels with Crazy Warmists 15/3/2014
- 105 New Podcasts 22/3/2014
- 106 Warmist Dirty PR 22/3/2014
- 106 Trick to Ban Skeptics From BBC 22/3/2014
- 107 RGS Brainwash 22/3/2014
- 108 Warmists Are Brainwashed 22/3/2014
- 108b Writing Skeptics Claims as positives to match the Alarmists 22/3/2014
- 109 Trust in Climate Alarmism 22/3/2014
- 110 Register of climate predictions 15/3/2014

Latest essays are rough, not finished yet
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Current Notes
123 Human Thinking : My New Brain Level Explanation for Why Humans are Certain about Uncertain thingsMay2015
124 Climate Pseudo Psychology- Deconstructeing Linden

Current Notes ....See also Useful Info Blog 123 Environment in Borneo 12/11/2015

(I'm repeating myself my old blog also has lots of essays about BS world )

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