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This was the Intro but it got too big, so i put it on a separate page
Eco Nutty 1 : They say
"Believe me, Climate Catastrophe is REAL"
- "here's a LIE to prove it"

- "NW Passage is clear for the first time", "The little green frog is extinct etc."

Eco Nutty 2 - All the irrational actions they take to save energy.
- Carbon trading, buying more green stuff "Green car". They don't get it that to save energy you have to reduce consumption & get China do the same.

Eco Nutty 3 : Their Hypocrisy
Still flying around in their corporate jets, their 2 houses, 6 kids

- Don't shout at the the rest of us until you have really downsized yourself !

Eco Nutty 4 : saying "Climate change has caused this, it's caused that .. "
No, nothing

- It's easy to say, but most stories turn out to be false, the rest can be explained by natural variances in weather.

Eco Nutty 5 : saying "It's the biggest threat .. "
maybe, maybe Not

- you have have keep perspective, when you don't know something you can't just assume the worst. There is a huge difference between certain, probable and possible.

you're wasting your time it's a distraction.
Go & do something else

Everthing you do has an impact on the environment
- consume less
- less kids

- Catastrophe Theory
- IPCC followers saying the science proves we are heading for disaster. then saying something crazy like Polar bears will be extinct in 50 years time
All the irrational remedies
- Carbon trading
- buying Eco Lightbulbs and turning the TV off standby and kidding yourself a huge amount of energy is being saved.
- Buying something to be green

If top climate scientists give up cars, having kids and disconnect from the power grid then you can take it seriously

but CONSUME LESS anyway
as everytime you buy something nature is harmed (a tree is cut, earth dug etc)

Believer - We are going to die the temps changing faster than ever 0.6C in 100 years !
Skeptic - No, not faster than ever - 1690-1730 the UK average changed by 3C
Believer - thatís a mistake it never happened ! cos Gore says so
- actually The IPCC has reinstated the Medieval Warm Period

SCARED = TERRORIZED If you are terrified they are terrorising you

Don't worry about GW.
Do respect local environments.
most scare stories don't bare close analysis

Has there ever been anything so Alice in Wonderland as The Global Warming Debate :

Summary of IPCC report : CO2 levels, are really high, don't know why ? climate's not changed. Can't rule out a future catastrophic effect. Can't say "We don't know" so here's 2000 pages of gibberish... oh & here's a couple of scare stories so that the public will be prepared to change quickly if we need to.

UK GOV policy : "Of course if we don't lie no-one will believe us"

I & probably you cannot understand the complete science of climate
- In Science it's OK to say "I don't know", "I'm not sure", I don't have enough data".
But we can comment when we see
  1. somebody uses a piece of data I do know is false or suspect to support their theory,
  2. or someone reports things in an incorrect way, reports one side and not the other

Call me when IPCC scientists have a smaller footprint than me !
I don't understand the science, but I know IPCC scientists remained silent when people pushing catastrophe have lied & hyped, their houses are still connected to the grid, so why should I believe them.

But real damage is being done at a local level- as forests are cut and landslides occur etc. When you buy stuff trees are cut, materials mined, the energy is used. So simplify and you'll reduce your ecological impact.

If you are good to the ecology then this helps CO2 whether catastrophe theory is true or not. They should THINK SIMPLE, buy less (most energy you consume is in the manufacturing & transport of the products), go to bed when it's dark, walk, don't have children and Live in a room in a city not 2 houses.

So much Hot Air
actually it's only politics & fashion. CO2 consumption of believers and unbelievers are the same and the actual actions of the worlds Believer Politicians and Non-believing are hardly any different.
But it's cool and otherwise your parties votes go to the Green Party
Will Smoker's give up anything for Climate Change ? 12/11/07
They don't make sacrifices to save their own lives then how can you expect them to sacrifice much to save the possibility of future catastrophe ? 1/4 of adults smoke it harms all, kills 30% early i.e. 5-10million/year is implicated in deaths of another 30% UN figs

* Princess Diana was killed by Climate Change
that's about as most newspapers get to the truth

"For every complex problem ... There is an answer that is simple, clear and ... WRONG" ...Menken

IPCC Apologies for the 9 year Interruption
GLOBAL WARMING will resume in 2009 ..we think.!

If their science & climate models are so great, how come they never told us official global temperature would stop going up in 1998 ? Bob Carter
Ah OK we'll call it Climate Change cos climate doesn't normally change does it ?
but the what about scare stories ? ... they don't bare close analysis
In Good science it's OK to say I DON'T KNOW or I AM NOT SURE

The reporting of Global Warming is so Alice in Wonderland Nuts.
- but reduce your Ecological Footprint anyway- Consume less things and more services !

Everytime you consume, nature is harmed. I want us to be MAGNITUDES more green, but not cos of GW Panic, but for the sake of the environment. My Green Positive Page

This blog started as a place to put my notes after analysing stories in the media.
The more I checked the facts, the weaker the catastrophe argument became, story after story turned out to be wrong
It made me come out of the other end of the tunnel and convert from believer to skeptic.
- I'd see a story I spend hours debunking it.
- Not Anti-Green, I'm more Green than the rest of them. My ecological footprint is way lower (No family, no house, no car, no commuting etc). This wacky religion of Climate Catastrophe is damaging for the environment .

Every Scare Story turns out to have a little truth but to have grown huge legs
e.g. Record low ice in the North is reported, record high ice in the South is ignored etc - "NW Passage is clear for the first time", "The little green frog is extinct etc."

London 2007 - "How can you say their is no Climate Crisis ?"

Soviet Russia 1967 - "How can you say that our beloved communism is not superior to capitalism in every way ?"

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Original Writing by StewGreen
The Main Climate stories are here

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