13.Killer Political Ideas make decisions simple It's so difficult to understand political arguments there are arguments, counter arguments, facts then reinterpretations of the same facts to mean a completely different things, then another point then more points. You try to balance them and make a reasoned argument then suddenly one tiny simple point arises which is so obvious so strong it just makes all the interpretation all the hard work of deep thought unnecessary.
e.g. Q1. Will an attack against Iraq make the world a safer place ?
(no obviously not cos it would cause upset in all the Arab countries and any terrorist could jump on an anti-western bandwagon)
Q2. Do you support an attack against Iraq ?
See .. Decision made

e.g.2 What should we do about the delays in police checks against new teachers ? Surely we should postpone school opening until the checks have been made; we can't expose our children to the danger of un-policechecked people, can we ?
Well, what's more dangerous ? ...
to allow our children into contact with people who are 99.9 % sure to be police cleared eventually,
in circumstances where actually there is a miniscule risk cos they are very very rarely alone they are usually in a class with 30 kids in buildings with lots of responsible adults around,
OR on the streets where there are more likely dangers of cars running then over etc , and where the enviroment is much less tightly controlled (they could bump into anyone, get into lots of kinds of trouble etc)
See .. Decision made

learn from history 200 years ago you were 10 times more likely to be murdered than today gin was heroin causing crime and decline etc and the problen was solved by ending prohibtion and eventually taxing it out of reach

Too often we begin arguments anew, when we can find the answers in ancient literature.

how many apples are in a seed -- infinite of course

Do you have possessions or do you have seeds ... see how rich you are

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