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  • Communal living in NZ about the 10 communities I visited in New Zealand ..
  • k. A Westerners Reaction to Food In Korea I wrote this article to explain to my students how different the culture of Korea is from western culture
    and to explain to my ever so kind Korean hosts my reactions to their food.
    rotten cabbage and rice for breakfast. ...more

    l. Organic Farming in Korea Korea is an ecological disaster area and the culture and way of life could ensure a continual decline, but there is hope if Korea can go back to traditional Bhuddist and Zen thinking of frugal simplicity.... more
    m. Books About Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine These two frequently spoke to dead people who are not dead but continue living in paradise in another dimension. This leads to a whole list of amazing phenomena. ESP, EVP, OBE objects moving and materialising , miracle cures. What's it all about ?
    I conclude the books are quite convincing, but they don't give any proof. So it's all very interesting maybe you don't have to be afraid of death, but I believe it doesn't make any difference all you can do is try to live life as a good person.

    More Details :Doris Stokes :Voices In My Ear, Betty Shine - My Life As A Medium

    Analysis of Anarchism from The Anarchist Reader by George Woodcock -It is an attractive idea, but it won't work Full Analysis

    Food of the Gods 1992 - Terence McKenna The idea that in the garden of Eden the fruit tried was actually something like a magic mushroom. Ancient man used these and this gave them amazing intelligence. We should use pychadaelic drugs to receive inspiration especially DMT (safe cos it's similar to seratonin and breaks down quickly)

    The Stupid Ancestors - from Castel Hentllys visit. Normally people think that the ancient Britons were stupid barbarians, and the Romans conquered them were way more advanced. We saw firstly that the population pressures were such that they had already cut down most of the trees. The weaver showed us that they had all the different colours and the wool was very fine. They waited for sheep to shed their wool which they do in 2 layers- a fine one and a coarse one. Whereas by shearing the sheep you end up with one mixed grade wool.

    They had many other advances.
    These Iron Age people probably knew less than we do about the nearby stone circles and burial mounds as they were made by stone age people 3000 years previously.

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