Most Religious people are very good people, because they use logic to over-rule what it says it their Holy books. They respect the ideas of equality of races and sex, they oppose slavery and child abuse. They don't kill people who work on a Sunday, they will make friends with Jews, Christians and all people, and they donít seek to obliterate other faiths. So I would consider them to be "culturally" religious rather than fully.

Religion Stops Free Speech Before man created religion we had Free speech nothing was sacred. we have to accept that now we don't have freedom of speech, we do have to have to self-censor, which is a pity cos sometimes people do bad things and then hide behind religion.

so I hid the rest of the essays about religion here

I care about ALL lives and I don't want to see a policeman nor protestor hurt or killed in a demonstration in Palestine. An embassy security guard doing his job. People being held hostage in Iraq. BBC journalists, staff and security guards.