The World is Completely Crazy
Information Overload : It's Difficult to figure life out
bollocks It's All Bollocks : Maybe the Sex Pistols weren't just trying to shock people by using using naughty words. Maybe there is a point : society is so full of bollocks : opinions forced on us by traditions and capitalism, that we can't see truth.

1. It's a crazy world
I know there is something wrong with this world and when I've figured it out I'll let you know.

I used to think it must be me that's crazy, it can't be the rest of the world that's crazy..then I took a second look and said "no it's crazy", of course I was reassured to find when I read Walden (notes) that Thoreau thought the same as I did 150 years ago. There are some things really wrong with the way humans lead our lives and the way we are governed.
People work like slaves etc
Getting drunk
Government in the pocket of big
business : agricultural, mining etc
A "fuck you attitude" between individuals and large companies/government and vice versa.
The inefficiencies of contemporary capitalism Marketing how come the majority cost of a product gets swallowed up in marketing , telesales, junk mail etc

1a. The Eccentric Normal People
Why do "normal people" behave in such an eccentric way ?

People use logic to make decisions, like you buy A cos it's cheaper than B, but when it comes to some things people just follow.

Brain washed ... I must have been asleep when they put magic mushrooms in everyones tea

  • Waste time worshipping
  • Celebrate birthdays and festivals; what's the point if you want to have a drink, have a drink you don't need an excuse . OK something like the end of a war is worth celebrating otherwise all days are the same. New Year's Eve is a day like any other except that you have to pay to go into a bar which is normally free and wait 3 hours to get served.
  • Put their own family before others
  • They hang around until itīs the middle of the night, then they go out to bars with there friends. But the places are so dark they can hardly see their friends, the music is so loud ,that they cannot hear each other talk, the air is so smokey that they can hardly breathe. Then they continue on into the middle of the night, when they should be sleeping. Surely there is something wrong when they have to go to this extent to become unihibited. Why donīt they go out in the daytime when you can see and dance in the fresh air where you can breathe ?
cos I don't speak the language which is overenchantment with children, beer, football other assumptions.

8. The Waste of Capitalism ... In marketing etc - if I hand out the leaflets I wouldn't buy anything from that shop cos I know the stuffs not cheap cos it includes a markup they pay me.
remember the Ben Elton junk mail sketch ?
Well I guess it's worth repeating ... "Some bloke is busy in a far jungle, against the elements he struggles and cuts down trees, which are then transported all the way to our country. In a big factory it's turned into paper. Meanwhile some gifted expert who studied English literature at Cambridge University thinks and writes out a precise and meaningful script which is printed onto the paper. Then by an amazing system of coordination and distribution another skilled worker knows how to get it right into your home.
Wow the skill the labour and effort in this process's amazing.

Except you then pick up this wonderful piece of paper, and say "junk mail" and toss it straight in the bin
This is the height of our civilisation

7. Most Things are Crap "Stewart you don't like anything !"
Well I would admit to having a low boredom threshold ,but it stands to reason that if anything is great ie better than normal then the normal stuff must be crap in relation to it.
Look at the TV ..full of crap soap operas, quiz shows and sports and full of commercials etc

For some reason what is popular seems to be crap and yet things that have value are excluded to the margins see radio notes (why are best radio progs in the middle of the night.)
Look at the pop music charts ..full of crap .. manufactured, formula bands ... Aimed at markets, teeny boppers, etc

I agree with the American comedian Bill Hicks - "Marketing is the tool of the Devil" ... more in this essay

f. Poncy Melbourne Cafes You can go and have a coffee in your house for free, or take it to your garden or even the park. No , go to a crowded noisey pokey place, wait 15 minutes and pay $3+ for the privilege. Come on  

The death superstars Competition
The commentator gives the scores at the end of a persons life in the style of TV's sports Superstars. Instead of "at the end of the competition Bob Brown has 130 points" ...Bob Brown died with $65,000, Mark Jones $12,300

is that what life is about ? dying with as much money as you can.
not doing as much good as you can.
even at the expense of doing good
people prefer more money. What twisted values.
But capitalism is a great motivator. If only "good" were as easy to calculate or quantify as money. "Hey what an opportunity, I could do a lot of good"

All those ideas to make internet sites to make money if only they put the same effort into sites that did good.
If only people could focus on doing good like they focus on making money.
Look for a job that makes the world "good" instead of me money. Not that easy is it ?

A2. Staying a Slave
(to tune of BGs Staying Alive)

What am supposed to do
look the other way ?
Well you might call me crazy
negative, but I've gotta say
you're staying a slave
staying a slave
keep drinking Cola
keep smoking Malboro
staying a slave
staying a slave

society's about faking
you're all making
they're all taking
so you're all staying a slave
staying a slave

Stop Gardening
What is it with English people and gardening. Thousands of people beavering away in their own gardens. 1. Why make extra work - there are plenty of public gardens. 2. stop polluting with all your chemicals and lawn mower noise etc. 3. Take a walk in the woods - mother nature does a great job as long as your chemicals don't drift over.

Subsidising the oikes
I went to this expensive festival thinking it would be better than the cheaper smaller green festivals, but no all the extra money got used up in unproductive things like security and a huge clean up effort. So in effect all you are doing is subsidising the oikes who drop cigarette butts etc.

I didn't drop any litter or butts so no one was cleaning up after me so why should I have to pay ?

How many other times in life are we paying more cos other people are less disciplined ?

Some people are ... High maintenance people They drop litter including glass, break the shower, steal the chairs, don't flush the toilets, hassle the security, get pilled up and need the medical services.

Criminals cause a lot of expenditure on security, fencing, CCTV, policing, legal system.

Everytime I get on the bus how much am I paying for the vandals ?

Waste .. wasteful society unbelievable what people left .. tents, awnings, sleeping bags, bags of shopping even bags of beer

Alternative people are only reacting to the mainstream
Oh look we are opposed to the war ! Well don't you realise that at anyone time there are 5 major wars going on. You only react to what's on your TV. Meanwhile you are destroying the planet with your consumersim and destroying your body with your sustance abuse. Step back and try to get a true picture of the world. You can't do anything without perspective and priorities, but thinking that's too difficult isn't it

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