Part 1

0. It's Difficult to figure life out Information Overload : It's a big world , with many different types of people, the picture depends on your point of view, we are so small in perspective. In tring to understand we get  information overload. We can't really read all the books that are published in one week never mind read all books. It's difficult to prioritise as the need to make money under capitalism causes a distortion in our picture. Humanity is confused otherwise the answers would be obvious and I wouldn't need to question. Before society largely used to accept and conform : That's the religion, this is your class, this is the way it is. It gave people a structure to behave to, but now people don't accept the status quo (they know it's all bollocks (more info)). This is good society will move on, but in the mean time we are confused and out of our depth, that's why there are so many disfunctional people there is a conflict in their internal logic.

I have always been "into" alternative and lateral thinking, but I find it very difficult to make any sense of the world. One day maybe I'll come out the other side of the tunnel and it will all be blindingly obvious.
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