Marketing - the tool of the Devil
(Bill Hicks - American comedian)

Remember the old stories of the inefficiencies of Soviet Communist factories a a million pairs of boots with two left feet. Well Capitalism is even more wasteful .. 95% of the stuff in the shops is crap we don't really need anyway. It's all part of the marketing cycle to keep us buying stuff keeps people working. Yes but they are wasting their time and the Earth's resources.
Well I would admit to having a low boredom threshold ,but it stands to reason that if anything is great ie better than normal then the normal stuff must be crap in relation to it.
Look at the TV ..full of crap soap operas, quiz shows and sports and full of commercials etc
Look at the pop music charts ..full of crap .. manufactured, formula bands ... Aimed at markets, teeny boppers, etc

each preacher has to push his religion before the ideals
Each politician his party before the principles

capitalism means the things that make money are marketed and pushed ahead of things of real value in our consciousness... Harry Potter ahead of Shakespeare ... MacDonalds ahead of apples ...indeed eating ahead of not eating ... not consuming against consuming ... getting drunk against real enjoyment

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Are we more diverse ? People all over the world drinking the same beer , and wearing the same labels.

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