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Making Sense of a Crazy World
Step by step
Maybe one day I'll understand it all.
Introduction and Background

EVERYTHING is OK ..... no it's not !  To me it's like the the Emperors New Clothes. I feel and have always felt there is something wrong with the way 99% of people lead their lives. So many things seem crazy to me ..things can be much better.. These essays are my own notes about trying to make sense of this crazy world.

Dedicated to promoting the good things in life. worth promoting.  Unfortunately in these dark ages there is so much falseness and things not worth promoting. We live in the dark ages and the world's cities are cultural deserts.

Capitalism is a good thing, it get things done. There are thousands of websites  out there, but unfortunately instead of focusing  on doing the most good or what is the most worthy this world is focused on what makes the most the most money. I want to try to focus on 2 things  1. bringing good things to peoples attention and 2. True understanding of the world, cos without truth we cannot make good decisions about what to do. What makes Shakespeare better than a normal soap opera is that his writing brings us  amazing insights and enlightenments, that help understand things better and make better decisions in the future.

Unfortunately although I can see a lot of things wrong in society I find it difficult to say what is right (there is just far more crap than good stuff) more about me see FAQ

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I had to spin off some sections onto separate pages
- Skepticism/ Humanism SECTION
- Climate Change My Quiz explains all simply , Quiz answers, Comprehensive study
- Rational Thought vs Religion SECTION ..so if you are not offended you can see more essays from that that page.
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    Crazy World
  1. Information Overload : (perspective) It's Difficult to figure life out
  2. It's all bollocks
  3. Crazy World
  4. The Eccentric Normal People
  5. The Waste of Capitalism
  6. Most Things are Crap
  7. Slaves to Consumerism the most important things in life are not things !
  8. Staying a Slave
  9. Poncy Melbourne Cafes
  10. The death superstars Competition
  11. Stop Gardening !
  12. Subsidising the Oiks
  13. Alternative people are only reacting to the mainstream
  14. The Blair Blair Blair rant in the UK

    A Better World

  15. Future Culture We call ourselves civilised ,but 1000 years time will we be living the way we live now ?
  16. Crime don't need prison, just give people confidence in being part of the community.
  17. Our society has come to terms with sex
  18. Too much beer and not enough sex !
  19. The Someone for everyone Myth !
  20. The Best Things in Life Are Not Things
  21. Not the Work Ethic but the Live Ethic
  22. Get a life .. A Full Colour Life
  23. If You were a soldier What would you fight for ?
  24. A Better World has ..values
  25. The power of negative thinking.
  26. Education is real good investment
  27. Aspire Higher Shakespeare instead of dumb soap operas


  28. Why I don't support charities why they don't work
  29. Why I Despise England Dumbed down, Yobland etc UK recession coming soon ...
  30. Sport it's only a game The brainwashed watching TV are bound to lose
  31. Racism - It's not so simple we are all prejudiced against
  32. Everyone is your brother not in Latin culture
  33. Why Humans shouldn't live in large cities - diminishing returns to scale
  34. Me on Brands
  35. An Invented Legend
  36. Hello Stupid


  37. Truth
  38. Real news channel
  39. Truth and Perspective
  40. The WTC New York Terrorist Attacks The World goes mad again !
  41. The London Terrorist Attacks 5 days worth of road deaths
  42. The Peace Channel
  43. Big Brothers Brother
  44. Melbourne Media Circus
  45. missing persons internet updated screensaver in the bank
  46. Marketing - the tool of the Devil
  47. The Iraq War just a distraction be rational
  48. 12 Danish Cartoons again just a Right Wing Ranters distraction get on with things that make the world better
  49. Junk-news - We have Live news, but how about Considered news ?
  50. The Strange Living Maxist Conspiracy
  51. Banging On About Blair
  52. Greg_Palast_Stories : analysis I found he's done a Michael Moore : left wing journalist copying the rightwing idea of sexing up stories, so the truth is not as hot as it first seems

    Other Ideas

  53. Kom in Glob Change English into a simple international language
  54. We Need a Ministry of Love
  55. Non Conformist Magazine
  57. Educate yourself - A weekly lifelong learning magazine

    Reviews and Reports
  58. Communal living in NZ about the 10 communities I visited in New Zealand ..
  59. Korean Food
  60. Organic Farming in Korea
  61. Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine
  62. Analysis of Anarchism from The Anarchist Reader by George Woodcock
  63. Food of the Gods 1992 - Terence McKenna
  64. The (not so) Stupid Ancestors
  65. The Baru Way against Korean Consumerism
  66. Notes About Festival Management .see also Maverick by Ricardo Semler and The One Straw Revolution by Fukuoka
  67. A Horrible Creepy Travel Story .it might put you off your food
  68. The Sex Trade and Rape is it natural ? .. analysis of scientists articles

    Thinking Truths

  69. Killer Political Ideas make decisions simple
  70. We can learn from history
  71. Better to have a seed

    more unfinished stuff

  72. Hurrah for GEC Global .. Economic ... Collapse ...etc
  73. Where does time disappear to ?
  74. Do you want cheaper petrol ?
  75. Ward Nicolson on Raw Food Diets
  76. My views on the Raw Food Diet
  77. Why I Hate Christmas
  78. Water Energy is Waiting to be discovered - in the same way electricity was discovered
  79. Duty to humanity You might think .. what is best for me ?
  80. Cherish the good.
  81. Filter the Crap
  82. All you need is a little more love ..NOT !
  83. There is a reason why some countries are cheaper
  84. Should you give to an orphanage ?
  85. internet café wiped my memory card
  86. Ebay hassles of placing an ad
  87. Economy is Screwed means opportunity
  88. Ugh leeches
  89. Let's blame everything on Americans bandwagon
  90. Assholes win ..good people lose ?
  91. Rethinking Webpage Ads .. not all bad, some cross fertilize
  92. Love is .. a useless word
  93. Religion Jesus was against promoting your own family
  94. Lonely Planet robots ..travellers in Thailand

Rational Thought vs Religion How religion stops free speech ..so if you are not offended you can see more essays from that that page

Skepticism/ Humanism stuff

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See also the book reviews and travel diaries

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