FULL COLOUR LIFE Hey you Mr Grey turn off that crap and get a life !

What's the point in being normal ? There isn't enough time in life. Well granted one thing is maybe it helps you to be alive. I can do a functional webpage for someone, I can dig the garden, wash the dishes, but I'd rather be Shakespeare; saying the most amazing profound world shattering things. People listening to your every word, laughing at ever remark. Really entertaining them, inspiring them, making them think. Not because I have a big ego, just cos time is short.

Let's push the world forward. Forget the normal go for the superlatives. Always look your best. Why read trash, when you could be reading great literature.

Maybe other people don't think the same as me, they don't agree what is great. F++k them ...use your own judgement.

Do you know, what is good enjoy. Why does normal everday life seem so droll ? Live well ! What is the best ? Sometimes it can be simple things.

Surely one problem is other people, they're boring how do we get the best out of them. Well, respect them guide them.

  1. Funny
  2. Sensual
  3. Inspiring
  4. Amazing
  5. Music/dance
10 amazing things
  1. Sex
  2. The psychology game
  3. Twist and shout
  4. Arsehole
  5. Jokes
  6. Magic
Why waste time with less than brilliant things
  • The amazing book I read today ....
  • The amazing thing I learnt today ....
  • The amazing person I met today ....
  • The amazing music I listened to today ....
  • The amazing place I discovered today ....
  • The amazing game I played today ....
  • The amazing TV programme, radio show, play I experienced today ....



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