Mohammed cartoons published in Denmark in September. is a similar agenda
"if you call my religion the religion of terrorists then I will bomb you. " Islamic RWR

"you call us imperialists and we will come and invade your countries to arrest you !" US RWR reaction to 911,

You hate child abuse I hate child abuse let's do something about it.

Instead of wasting time ranting about minor differences what they could do is appreciate what they have in common and work on that. (human trafficking, disease etc)


artists in Europe were censoring themselves because they feared Muslim reaction




(get perspective the Religious RWR do their evil work of spreading hate and division again, helped by the media not giving us perspective )

Notice that's September, but the media are still stirring it up in February 5 months later The initial printing of the cartoons in Denmark led to death threats being issued against the artists, demonstrations in Kashmir, and condemnation from 11 countries. What did any of this achieve but prove the original point of the newspaper's culture editor, that artists in Europe were censoring themselves because they feared Muslim reaction? He commissioned the cartoons after hearing that Danish artists were too scared to illustrate a children's book about the prophet.Ē

. And the background is that someone had the idea to put some cartoons of Islam in a book. But when he asked cartoonists they wouldn't do it cos death threats were made against them. Now in Denmark you can make cartoons about whatever you want : Jesus, God the King etc. So when the newspaper heard that freedom of speech laws were being effectively changed by terrorist threats then it decided to take a stand and publish some of the cartoons so saying to the terrorist guys "we are governed by our democratic laws, not your terrorist threats" So if they backed down now they would be saying .."terrorism works"



Essentially some of the cartoons are saying Islam is the religion of terrorists. Instead of saying no it's the religion of peace the reaction of many is "if you call my religion the religion of terrorists then I will bomb you. ", proving the point.


Ironically that is not so different from the reaction of the US RWR to 911, "you call us imperialists and we will come and invade your countries to arrest you !"


One cartoon shows all the terrorists turning up in heaven ..the Angel is saying sorry guys we ran out of virgins.


Another irony is people are criticizing the cartoons without seeing then cos the news papers are afraid to publish them.

Another shows a man in a turban, the turban is also a bomb. This is the only one that could be construed as insulting . But who has insulted the religion most the terrorists by have dirtied it by using itís name to justify their killing or someone who draws a cartoon which represents the popularist western view of the religion ?


ďMuslims seem to forget that just because they are prohibited from representing the prophet in any way, this does not apply to everybody else.Ē Lebanonís The Daily Star and in Arabic in Egyptís al-Dostour


Why Speak freely It's important that there should be nothing above criticism. There are many strange cults and religions, scientology, voodoo, Sai Baba.

Imagine the devil took over the Pope's mind and he started to say people who eat pineapples a sick perverts .. Is that OK or could we criticise him ? If we are to be free to criticize anyone else then we have to accept criticism ourselves.


The point of western philosophy is that you should be able to think anything you like. That way new ideas can come. On the road to new ideas may come ideas people don't like, maybe you may abandon the ideas after thought, but you should be free to consider the ideas.


Religions have unchallengeable dogma, they say no we already everything there is no need for new thought.


Why Boycott when other things are more important You can certainly boycott products.

1. You are hurting people who didn't commit the offenses (maybe muslims work in those factories, not that muslims should be more important than anyone else.

2. should we boycott Pakistan cos they fail to stop honor killings ? Or Iran cos they fail to stop fatwas being pronounced.


After announcing a boycott of Danish goods, Libya has announced a boycott of all countries who fail to stop corruption ? hasnít it ?



In most western cultures Freedom of Speech is seen as an important thing for balanced argument and democracy. The line being drawn at incitement to violence.

before September in August a Muslim guy was arrested (quite rightly) for handed leaflets saying Danish Ministers should be killed.



In many Muslim countries there is no culture of free speech , many things are above criticism: religion, kings leaders etc. So fair enough in an Islamic country cos under some rule Mohammed cannot be portrayed at all, the cartoons could not be published. But the people in Islamic countries didn't vote for the Danish laws so they should have no say. And how can religions make laws which apply to non-believers ? Typical hypocrisy Islamic people are free to mock gays or other things, but outsiders are not free to mock them. Religions have created a crime where non existed before. They are however free to boycott Danish goods if they wish. But they should know that if this is an attempt to change Danish laws then it is a form of terrorism to try to change democratic laws this way and the laws should never be changed cos of this action.


It's a common ideology of the right wing ranters of whatever agenda of whatever side pro-western or anti-western that whatever happens you always blame the other side, there is no self criticism or attempt to put yourself in the other persons shoes. After 911 the US RWR said let's go get these evil foreigners instead of what did we do to provoke this ? And in the Islamic thought the RWR condemn the depiction of Mohammed, but don't say "ah this cartoonist is connecting Islam with bombs. This the wrong idea as Islam is about peace. Yes a few frustrated and misguided muslims have used bombs, but this is forbidden in most cases by our religion. What can we do to convince the west Islam is not the bomb religion ?"

No they rant and provoke things

like the trashing of western symbols like the Danish flag.

They never talk about controlling the self appointed religious experts who pronounce death threats against westerners who have done nothing wrong by the laws of their own countries. The RWR always want the cake and eat it the westerners have to abide by our laws, but we do what we want. We can hold fake demonstrations outdside a foreign embassy threatening violent overthrow of the state, we can invade the embassy torture the workers and keep them hostages. In Malaysia you can easily find T-shirts criticising and insulting the current US president.. So are the Anti-west RWR sayings you can't offend us, but we can do what we want ? If an American suggested we should kill the maker of these T shirts he would quite rightly be arrested for inciting violence.

From the western viewpoint firstly there is a difference between criticizing someone and deliberately insulting them. Secondly offending someone is not nice, but it's nowhere as bad as killing someone.

Once again the religious RWR fail to make the world a better place, but actually achieve more evil by stirring up hate and division.


But now in Denmark companies are pressurising the newspaper to apologize cos they are losing business. Another kick in the teeth for democracy.. When money controls it.

The newspaper will apologize with words like "we are sorry that you are offended, by images that we perfectly legally printed". If they do apologise probably won't buy Danish again. intelligent Islamic article about the cartoons

original cartoons or


I can always tell when I meet a RWR cos they say things like "when YOU gave Us idependence in 1955". What was I in charge of everything 12 years before I was born ? I think they are talking about when the independence of Malaysia was negotiated between The British government of that time and Malaysian politicians of that time, but their simplistic view of the world there is an Us and Them.


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