The Blair, Blair, Blair Rant

September 2004 London

Blair, Blair ... this time the country seems to be full of sheep.
Blair, Blair stop the war
Blair, Blair bring the troops home.

The scary thing is that there is no thought behind this no rationalism no reasoning. It's dangerous, because it doesn't come from rational argument it's an emotion that people feel. Similar to mob rule, racism, nazism ..It's a reaction. I don't understand how this reflex was created ... conspiracy theory Daily Mail.

People haven't really thought it through; the rant fills their hunger. Sack Blair and replace him with what ? Take the troops out and then what. Is everything OK then ?

If troops had been sent into Kuwait before the First Gulf War then it wouldn't have happened.

Look at the Maths

while people are focusing on Blair many other people are dying in unreported wars 100,000,000 in 60 years= 1.7 million a year= 4600 per day.

honour killings per year

people dying in UK per day (which is approx 1% of world) pop 3000 per day 2000 per day premature

1.1 million a year
check on web
so how many people die in IRAQ every day ?
I think pop is about 40m
so 2000 die a day anyway
1300 prematurely.

OK you say babies are more important infant mortality in African country is about 4 die for 6 live ie 40 % over 60 years 60m people = 30m mothers = 120m deaths = 2m year = 5,500 per day

What is infant mortality in a country same size as Iraq

is it true that in UK each woman used to lose 1 child = 0.5m per year = 1300 per day is this true ?

how many kids per day die in UK today =

how many kids per day die in country same size as Iraq today =

maybe kids are 25% of pop ie 15m and are twice as likely to die as adults 3000 die a day 1500 kids ? not impossible.

in UK 1m die a year in Iraq 0.7 million a year 20,000 is nothing

I am glad that the Iraq war has got people thinking about peace, but without rational perspective we can't decide how to direct our efforts.

We need to work toward a culture of peace for the whole planet.If the war had been stopped 50 people per day can be saved if we can add to that the 2000 domestic killings per day, the 4600 per day killed in other wars then that's a start.

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