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We call ourselves civilised , but 1000 years time will we be living the way we live now ? ...more

Crime Someone should explain to all the criminals and exploiters, that humanity is all part of the same organism; so hurting someone else is the same as standing on your own toes. So you are strong today , you can take what you want. But it won't always be like that, one day you will be on your own in a dark ally. We all came into the world weak and vunerable as babies and we all leave weak and vunerable as old people. If you got all your stuff from stealing then why shouldn't someone steal them from you ?

Our society has come to terms with sex ...more

The Best Things in Life Are Not Things Why do we put so much value on objects. I would build a shopping centre where they don't actually sell any physical things. You cannot walk out with anything tangible , just a feeling of well being. You can buy knowledge, have a massage a dance etc so no natural earth resources have been used.

Not the Work Ethic but the Live Ethic get a life instead of just earning money

FULL COLOUR LIFE Hey you Mr Grey turn off that crap and get a life ! ...more

If you were a soldier what would you be fighting  for ?- If you were a businessmen could you focus on the project that did the most good instead on the one that makes the most money ?

A Better World has ... cultural values based on "truth" not on assumptions and superstitions. So less impressions formed from the falseness of tradition, Hollywood films and  soap operas and more from real life experiences like travel " you don't understand something until you experience it"

better justice - 150 years John Howard wrote why prison and punishment doesn't work. Why are we still pursuing this line ? The system should be all about deterring people not punishing the innoccent people whilst demotivating guilty people by showing them that they can get away with it. e.g. mandatory sentencing so someone can get 25 years for taking a message.

(BTW If the CIA really had such fantastic mind control then we wouldn't need prisons)

link to Howard League to Penal Reform and  BBC Rough Justice (report )

Equal opportunity and treatment for all so that everyone is motivated to play along with society. i.e fair exchange not exploitation. Of course to give true equality you would have to give people equal money, but then there would be no motivation. But everyone should have the same base ie free education, healthcare and legal help.

no use of violence unless it is to prevent worse violence.


Is there a clear link between happiness and intelligence ie the more intelligent a person is the unhappier they will be ?
The power of negative thinking. People say don't be negative think positive ..this is stupid and simplistic. An architetc /engineer has think negative e.g. what if there is an earthquake etc. so he can design a building safely. I agree with E de B you put on your positive hat and look for the good things, then you put on your negative hat and look for possible problems.

Education is real good investment so people who play the game cost society far less; so education which promotes good behaviour is really worthwhile getting people to be honest, pick up their own litter etc

even thieves understand the importance of playing the game .."don't steal from your own". So invest in convincing everyone they are part of the same society.

It's a priority to have a better educated society. Without it how can society progress.

Aspire Higher It Doesn't Have To Be Like This ! Handbook for a new society
Beer, football, private house, cigarettes culture is such a low dumbed down way. We can live at a higher level and all have much better satisfaction from life. Working together more intimacy, more games . Just like we think sun worship is backward so our society is. Why do people watch dumb soap operas, when Shakespeare operates a such a higher level ? Watch so much TV sport when they are crap games anyway ? I get frustrated cos I can see we can live life at a much higher level. Why don't we ? Dumbed down lack of clarity. Information overall overload. Flow age

How can I relax when being he makes me so confused; cos I don't speak the language which is overenchantment with children, beer, football other assumptions.

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