Better World

Duty to humanity You might think.. what is best for me ?
Then you realise that you are being selfish. You should think of others; you should ask what us best for them ? shouldn't I be thinking of them. Shouldn't I be helping others I meet ?
Well it be a good thing if you spend all your time helping little old ladies cross the road. But wouldn't it be better if you put your effort into helping the whole of humanity ?

How could you do this ... here's what I think ...
well since I am part of humanity I should ask ..what is good for humanity ?
you see it's one thing to help the few people you meet, but surely it would be even better to help millions of people you will never meet now and after you are dead, If you could help the whole of humanity ? How ? by influencing culture helping it move along the right path. I call this future culture.
It's one thing to make people be happy you can do this by giving them lots of drugs. It seems to me humanity is on a journey constantly developing and understanding more.
How can we foster this development.
Foster good qualities in people
1. truth
... good decisions are made on a basis of true facts not superstition, nor prejudice You have a duty to expose falseness so that we can make good decisions.
if instinct or experience can produce truth, but it needs to be verified.
2. empathy
3. good thinking skills
4. reading and discussion
why ...bad thinking leads to persecution of the innocent, unfairness, injustice
e.g. promotion of anti-racism and tolerance is a good thing.

Happiness -this is when you can ask what makes me happy. Cos this helps in calculating what makes others happy.
BE thankful to be not in pain

What good can I do ? champion truth !