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Cork Skeptics
There is nothing so more frightening that someone who is certain (a quote from Italian scıentıst)
- In response to Irish Cork skepticals

- Just as dowsing seem to 100% to work to those who have faith in it, until they test it in a scientific trial. "IPCC Science" can seem plausible up until they test it in a scientific trial, by producing models to emulate the future.

- Those in denial are those who have faith in "IPCC Science", when climate skeptical websites exposes flaws with it weekly.
- The vanguards of skepticism are critical thinking & not taking any news report at face value (even if it does seem to confirmour own dogma) ...doubt is an integral part of science. Emotional detachment is vital & we should not stoop to bullying & name calling.
.... the real world is not black & white simple it's full colour complex ..Accepting solutions without question just cos they seem to tie things up simply is COMPLEXITY DENIAL.

- Would you have called thosed who questioned reported Emperor penguins numbers in the BBC 2009 scare story DENIERS ? Would you still call them denier after the 2012 BBC news story that the 2009 number was a 100% undercount.

- Ask yourself could I be trapped in a cult"

True believer behaviour
yes dowsing works emotionally, but not in tests, just like IPCC models are not the same as reality. Is it possible you are trapped in a cult

fake 97% etc. etc.

life is too short to rebut true believers point by point

Do we deserve Fusion Power ?

- WHEN WE GET fusion power .. what will our world be like ? Will there be exploitation, stealing rape etc.

Nora winter vomiting virus, stay home

- it's V contagious so don't go to dr or hospital, stay at home & it should pass in 24 hrs

Popular Published Science Wrong Again
- People want to believe and the Media rush to publish science which seems "too strange to be true" : debunk of the priming exp

Other Stuff

people like faces maybe you can make a language for them - maybe they are important for marketing
loyal listener (non-pedants chapter)

odesk - outsourcing - http://www.squidoo.com/odeskreview www.peopleperhour.com

things are getting better & people think it's getting worse madness of crowds

- They don't have to be interesting, responsible or reliable ..they just have to be pretty..god how I detest beautiful people.

The Reason why more management jobs are men
..is PERHAPS that the women are too smart to take then ... they prefer to keep the more interesting ..easier, and less stressful jobs
- I observed after a professor friend resıgned from her adminıstratıon role so she can spend more time with her students.



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