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Productivity Issues
- I am sure I could multitask quite well before , but when I am listening to a documentary and then read something, my brain completely switches off absorbing the doco

Cash For Time
- God this is getting ridiculous everytime I listen to the news, there is something which is clearly a spurious in a story. Usually I go to the internet and quickly find that my hunch is correct, but that then leads to a whole lot of things and a complex picture cos things are not black and white simple. It's all interesting, but it eats away a lot of time.. and stops me doing work .. time is money and I am spending time in reading, researching & writing.

- I don't know how I could monetise it, it's not journalism or anything , but i can see the truth behind a misleading healine much quicker than others ...cash for comment ?

Gene for Psychopaths activated if abused
- Psychologists worked out that there are some genetic fingerprint which they call the "warrior". They found that psychopaths seem to have a particular genetic pattern, which is confirmed by brain scan. What happens is that when normal peoples brain lights up with empathy, there is is nothing in the same area of the psychopath's brain. One researcher found his own brain had the same pattern ..and he said yes I'm driven & selfish, but I don't kill people. So they check the families of psychopaths & find that evn if you hve the genese the are only turned on if you have an abusive childhood.

- a psychopath tried to kill his girlfriend & killed her friend the psychologists argued for leniency on the grounds for this guy has less ability for self control than normal people...the jury switched the charge to manslaughter.

On Radio Netherlands
- Roland Doucette on RNL a policeman in New Orleans and patrolled some of the roughest neighbourhoods in America. Yet he found a way to help reduce crime by over 90 percent in some of them.

Medical records version of Facebook

- Medical records version of Facebook - just covered in BBC Radio Healthmatters - a solution so stupidly simple after the NHS wasted £billions on a botched medical records database. You can friend your Dr & nurse & they can see + add to your records. Going to see a specialist, then friend him so he can see your records.Finished treatment or don't trust the specialist then defriend him/her. Can't remember your drug dose or next appoinment then check your medical FB page.

TV documentary travel agents
- Dear Radio Times can you please tell me where the to find the special Documentary Presenters Travel Agency. They must have some pretty good deals on these days. , that the BBC is taking advantage of, as a typical itinerary seems to be
1" - Vietnam Jungle
3" - California Redwood Forest
8" - Kenya Salt Lake
11" - Antarctic 
15" - Iceland 
18" - Kew Gardens
22" - Swiss Alps etc.

- Last week it was Iain Stewart dashing across the globe, and then this week it's been Marcus de Sortoy, but they have all been at it : Brian Cox, Jim Alkelili etc.

- OK I understand the BBC might even turn a profit by selling the programmes on, but it could save cash & support countries indigenous film companies by commissioning footage from them. The relationships established could lead to those countries buying back finished programmes.

If CGI is acceptable for polar bear safety concerns then surely CGI can also be used for the sake of the licence fee

Any Questions on Radio 4
- was the usual shoutfest, Labour MP Angela Eagle came up as a political point scoring nutcase, whereas American entrepreneur "Doug Richard" said some very smart things like "it's about making a bigger pie so we are all better, not quabbling over the small pie we've got"

Trap.it :Use.less

- Trap.it new news aggregator results with pictures - but is it better than google seems PRETTY USELESS ..when search for PG filters out Guardian and WattsUp on Kiribati it gives me a lot of propaganda

Tate = Slavery Gallery

- A black Briton writer came up with the usual racist crap today, but did say somwe important things about the industry and charities that grew rich on slavery ..so maybe the Tate gallery should be called the Slavery Gallery.

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