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Yesterday's techbiz heroes are today's zeros ,
- so what about today's heros will they all end up going the same way ?
- Today's era's favourites Google, Facebook, Sky & Apple are supposed to be magic money machines, that are certain to power ahead.The last decades Microsoft, EMI, Ericson, ITV, Nokia & the big banks vary from "has beens" to evil. Those bankers are evil for getting big bonuses yet it's great that graffiti artist will earn $200 Million for a few days work due to the FB floatation.. "Right time right place I guess", but isn't that what often happened to the bankers ?..and of course if the FB IPO goes well & generates a good deal for FB then the bankers involved it that will earn a good commission bonus.

- Today's lot are supposed to generate money magically, but isn't that we thought about the banks ? Google & FB are supposed to be getting their advertsing money that used to be spent on ITV. But hang on ITV paid UK tax, whereas today's internet giants route everything through chains of off-shore to the lowest tax countries.

- Microsoft they were evil cos they locked everything down with copyright & Apple were hip, but now it seems to be that the new Apple have copied that idea to the next degree, "gaining inspiration" from the ideas of others and then doing a complete lockdown on their own intellectual property : O/S totally locked down & nothing can be added on with Apples permission and steep commission. Same lockdown for Itunes. EMI used to do big A&R and took a big cut, but Itunes seem like cash register which takes a 30% cut.

- Meanwhile elements of Google's business plan are similmiar to Microsoft's which originate from the rail magnates of 100 years ago : do a flotation and then use the cash pile not to do your own development, but rather buy up other companies which are coming up with better products than your own.

- Monopoly products, monopoly profits. The internet should be great for consumers as it allows the economic utopia called the "perfect market" which generate maximum competition and the slimmest of profit margins, but with soft regulators companies have a huge temptation to look for monopoly products. A wise Microsoft CEO might better invest the MS Tablet O/S development budget in Apple shares to take advantage of Apples hyper profit margins rather than market their own tablet causing market profit margins to crash.

- Which ones of today's heroes will be up on the pillory of public hate in 2025 ? Any skeletons in the cupboards ?Maybe a backlash after the publics' privacy & rights to freedom expression are curtailed by companies ?

Untouchable to Undefendandable
- Outside the techworld we see professions fall from Untouchable to Undefendandable : MPs, Banks, The Press, Energy companies... what's next the Queen, the church, the Green Movement, the BBC ?Saints to Sinners

Some pretty interesting science on TV
- in the series BBC Invisible Worlds -
1. Too fast to see, 2. Too far off our visible, 3. Too tiny to see (available to view on UK MSN)
- despite the fact that it's presented a personality TV idiotinvisble world not bad

strange fact : bekli_Tepe older than stonehenge and bigger
- 40 Stonehenges made of huge 60 ton T shaped stone blocks built over 3000 years, started 11,600 years (9600 BC) ago in SE Turkey Kurdistan near Syria desert- the oldest temple, big building, religion in the world....


buzz agents forums - people paid to creat a buzz in social mediaWolfson Economics Prize

- most marketing is BS but the Tesco FB is like a magazine with interesting articles, they built a gocart into a shopping trolley to break the speed record a bat and a ball cost $1.10, the bat costs "$1 more than the ball", the ball costs..quick quick

Most pleasure is free so money is not about more pleasure
- Since most pleasure comes from free things : Friends, TV, acting club etc.
- It's not about getting a job to get money to get pleasure
- you get a job to get money to survive & then you get the pleasure anyway
- in addition you get : the pleasure of work, friends from work
- So 1) you could with a little money get the pleasure anyway
- 2) or you could get a job with no friends, you get money with no pleasure

Types of jobs :
Jobs in normal services : Tesco, schools, supporting them
Jobs in essential : medical, cancer stopping etc.
Jobs in pleasure - pubs restaurants, theatre etc. - Most people spend almost no money at all in the pleasure sector (just TV + internet + holiday)

The Coming War on General Computationby Cory Doctorow
- Recommended by Bill T- argues that computers shouldn't have any built in state controls e.g. Things to stop you breaking copyright etc. Then goes onto say that internet should be completely free for all zone. But one argument is about a school which installed spyware on laptops which photo'd students. That school broke the law they shouild be prosecuted not get away with it by saying well the internet is a free for all.

Inside out
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East X remarkable treatment to regenerate damaged skin.
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London And on the eve of Dickens's bicentennial, his descendant Lucinda Hawksley reveals the legacy her great great great grandfather left to London's children.
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