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Bosnia .. US Staff participated in Human Trafficking

- An ex-cop whistleblowed on Employees of an American company training policmen in Sarajevo who were participating in woman trafficking
.. how did their morals become so twisted ?

Use attentional spotlight for better decision making
From BrainScience podcast
- make a list of the facts, then focus on each for 2 minutes one by one. By the end you will have the best picture.

tip2 : He said stuff about humour.. magIcians make jokes cos it distracts, but it can be good to connect at an emotional level. Pickpocket showed to enter someone's personal space you have to break eye contact first.

Idea : The show youth loves the New Tunisia Campaign

- I had an idea the other day. The Love the New Tunisia campaign : show you care.
- It seems in Tunisia there are a lot of young people hanging around with nothing to do so after the destruction of the revolution wouldn't it be good if young people of Tunisia showed they Love the New Tunisia by getting together to do some constructive activities in their community and neighbourhoods to improve and clean them.

Like : - cleaning up your local beach, park or river.
- a local heavy metal kid goes to show primary school kids joy of music
- painting something
- training a young person .. Even sharing your job and salary with someone currently unemployed.

- Maybe as a classroom activity they could prepare a letter outlining their proposal and ask a foreign embassy if they can provide paint.

- Perhaps each foreign embassy could sponsor the paint for a particular town etc.

- Destroying things to make the revolution was the easy part, now people have to do the hard work of building a new Tunisia.

Finding Love is like getting all the correct balls in the lottery of love

- You must get
- The Age Ball - same age
- The Build Ball - same slimness
- The Intelligence Ball
- The Interests Ball
- And The Bonus Ball - she is a complete princess
- It's difficult enough to meet women, but only a few are attractive in any way and only a fraction of them are attractive to me .. That's why when I do meet a princess it used to so overwhelming and I got tongue tied with anxiety.

Imaginery Friend Excuse

- Complex World ? Can't understand it all, but afraid to say "I don't know" ?, simply make up an imaginery friend who knows everything.

- No one beieves in your imaginery friend then say since he is 100% good anyone who disagrees is evil And must have an imaginery friend who is 100% evil

Lacking status : simply write down your own thoughts and say it all came from an imaginery friend who knows everything and since he is 100% good anyone who disagrees is evil

- Children have an imaginery friend
- Adults instead of admitting they don't know make up an imaginery friend who knows everything - there is no evidence for the children's friend it only exists in the childs imagination nor any evidence for the adults gods.

- Addicted now people are addicted to lies

- the volunteer rangers and .. Test Exercise radio prog

The youthful club and the diagoinal weave sails -

In Progress
- un productivity essay

- idea humans are mentally ill mass of humanity suffers mental illness irrational behaviour like wanting children

Homeopathy body count

Homeopathy Body Count 368,379 people killed, 306,096 injured
Proven killed against proven saved
* yes conventional medicine errors have killed people, but the rate is a tiny percentage of that for homeopathy .. malaria eg

- James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge to Homeopathy
- 1023.org.uk

Good Pod Science City Bob Park on Voodoo Science bit slow tho

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