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Bomb in Wall Street kills 40 and shuts down financial system !

... in 1920

- CBC Canada Quantum - In 1920 Sept 16th New York Stock exchange bomb killed 40 people, Wall St cart bomb shut down the financial system ..maybe union/anarchists

- 1910 LA Times bomb killed 21 traced to union

- why don't people know about this ?

From genius to stupidity - Marcus Brigstocke on the Now Show
- March 15th

- After doing a brilliant indepth piece about the stupidity of the Abrahamic faiths last year he just did a piece about global warming skeptics - it was PATHETIC - "now there are some people that say that Global Warming isn't happening that Al Gore has got a load of scientists to participate in a grand conspiracy just so he can put up taxes."
- - Wild, Brigstockes what a shallow analysis. All you've done is put up a straw man argument - stated the oppositions case in a false easy to knock down way. There are a million much stronger arguments against global warming hysteria. Most of the words were just scoffing rather than putting up any form of rational argument
- "well I have just been on a boat trip to the Artic, I know what I am talking about " ... no you don't ! One boat trip doesn't count for much does it ? Spend a week on a boat full of the faithful and it entirely possible to come out with one message so I'm hardly surprised he comes out preaching. Fine criticise Global Warming Skeptics, but do it with facts and logic. He quite rationally criticised people last year for having faith without logic last year, but it seems he has found his own faith and dogma this year.

- Someone points out a lot of things about the trip including it was full of artists not scientists grumpyoldsod.com, and they had to turn back cos of unexpected ice.

- The newspapers revealed how he had spent 100,000 quid on "greening" his house. Need I state that since energy/materials were used for the products then not buying them would have been more green.

Climate Conference unreported of course

- The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change New York, March 2nd - March 4th) was attended by over 500 scientists, economists and policy-makers, with over 100 speakers delivering keynote addresses or participating in panel discussions. At the end of their deliberations they issued The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change, which reads as follows ? 'Global warming' is not a global crisis ..

- so of course the mainstream media ignored it .. as it doesn't fit their agenda more from spectator .. more on GOS

latest proof : Huge Ice Sheet teetering

- a huge ice sheet is teetering on the breek of collapse in Antarctic : steady on who wrote this headline the scientist or the reporter ? How big is the sheet .. less than 0.01% of the ice which is actually at record high levels not record low ! full story

Positive discrimination can't work

- BBC's Moral Maze somebody pointed out very simply why positive discrimination doesn't work - It's based on a false assumption that it's easy to see who is disadvantaged, but there isn't a magic dichotomy - Slave descendents have a disadvantage, but so might a white desendent of Holocaust or an abused white child etc.

Sarah Pinker has a new book explaining that assumptions about male/female equality don't stand up. "Men earn more money than women, so that means women are being exploited." No men behave like men take more risks etc which means more homeless are men etc. Again we can't resist the temptation to oversimplify

Hormones in the water !

- AP Report seemed to say we are getting too many human sex hormones PPC-s in drinking water. Bollocks said the scientist Skepicality.com podcast . The stats don't say that
- 1. we can detect things 100 times more sensitively than 10 years ago.
- 2. we are wasting our money thinking about this when in other parts of the world people actually die from pathogens.
- 3. The magnitude effect on fish again is nothing compared to our other ecological effects like loss of habitat
- 4. Any effect comes from natural hormones in humans not artificial hormones
- 5. Waste water is good for fish, though there are minor negatives, when you have waste you have much more fish including endangered species
- 6. drinking water is safer than it ever has been.

- I guess that's the bottom line is : If 10,000/yr people died from water 10 years ago if now it's 9,000, that's better no matter that we find some minor minor effect we didn't know about before.
water researcher has more facts at snwa.com

- good homeopathy debate

-on diet : finishing off meal with a sweet causes a huge "I am full feeling" to body.

Some Radio Stuff
ABC Counterpoint - The new pessimism

- Matthew Taylor (Labour govt advisor now president of The Royal Society) spoke about the delivery gap. When you ask people how things are They health, education crime it's all terrible, yet when you ask them about their local experience they all say no here it's OK so why the contradiction ?

- People are local experience optimisitic, but in General pessimistic- why ? cos negative images drive the media these day

ABC Big Idea - Oz men & Asian Women

- A female Japanese documentary maker made a program about "What is it with White Men and Asian women ?

- Actually the program became more about her own neuroses, she said she was sick of men expecting her to be some kind of geisha. She admitted she sometimes played up to it. Then she admitted she didn't like Asian men she only likes Non-Asians as she perceives them as big and strong. The Psychologist more or less "you are crazy, when someone shows interest in you you close them down cos you don't like them to be interested in you cos you are Asian yet you are applying your own racist stereotype to the men you choose".

- Eventually she talked about opposites attracting, but by then no time for depth.

TWIS - absinthe is not dangerous

- Scientist Ted Breaux found it was slandered by people with wine to sell.
- They made up the story about it giving you hallucinations and destroying your mind. He claims to have tested old bottles and they never had enough thujone in to be dangerous. It was all a cleverly created myth. So he has made his own Lucid brand. .. people seem to agree
- march 4 prog

ABC Big Ideas - Applied Economics can make you slim

- A Practical Economics writer - showed stats show diets don't work, but by applying economic leverage he has achieved a washboard stomach - He lodged a $1000 with his friend if he doesn't keep to his exercise program his money goes to charity. - so he does keep to his program.

- Other recent books have also mentioned the truth about economics and numbers ..see Freakonomics and other similar books : Innumeracy, Super Crunchers, Discover Your Inner Economist by Tim Harford (seems excellent book, Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan (even better)

- Hartford did an interesting essay in Reason Magazine : Why Poor Countries Are Poor Basically corruption means it's pointless to invest.


- an expert confirmed that when you analyse the figures Amway is a pyramid scheme, with little real sales. Salesmen have to buy $200 a month, to stay in the scheme, but since better products are available cheaper in the shops they aren't able to sell much to the public. (It used a legal sidestap to escape prosecution : A court once ruled it legal as you don't pay money to stay in, you just commit to buying products you don't need)

Australian Porn Report

- ABC Lifematters 27th February - Said something like 10% of women and 50% of men looked at porn in the last 6 months. Which even though Australia is one of the most honest countries is still a lie, it must be 90% of men. People said they liked it cos it showed people especially women having pleasure in sex. Almost liked porn where women were abused or humiliated. (2003 reasearch date)

- The report seemed to conclude harmful sex addition type effects were limited to very few individuals

many earthquakes shake the Earth like a bell

- Yes according to BBC Material World some are big enough to shake the entire planet on it's axis !

The next Supervolcano is late

- It will come for sure, and it will make Global Warming hype look like nothing - a year without summer temperatures 5C lower etc podcast on Berkley Groks

- Dr. John Savino discussed the impact of a supervolcanic eruption.
- Approximately 75,000 years ago, an event occurred that almost wiped out human life. According to a stunning new theory, this singular event may also have completely altered the genetic evolution of humankind. (one tribe of chimps has more DNA diversity than the entire human race so the idea is that something happened in the past to dramatically reduce the number of humans and that's why the dna base is not so diverse) It was an event that released 3,000 times the energy of Mt. St. Helens. fair review

- Also had a good item about Malware. The guy seemed more honest than just a salesman. Trend have a new FREE tool trendsecure.com Trendprotect. He advises use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer.

Muddled World

- We live in a world where every year gets hotter, polar bears get rarer and ever increasing numbers of children fall prey to internet paedophiles

- wrong, as usual the muddled muggles are wrong

- From my recent rerading I get a few important points
- 1. particular media dynamics give people an over negative view of big reality and an over optimistic view of their local situation and what's possible in future.

- 2. The reverse Ockkham principle means people will more readily accept a simple solution which is wrong than a complex true explanation

- 3. Consistant bad maths are present in society - people worry about a small thing yet ignore bigger ones cos they have poor perpective

- Real statistics paint a different picture :
- The threat to children from the internet is still tiny compared to abuse from with their own home.
- No statistics exist to show polar bears are declining (Mitch Taylor is the expert)
- Statistics show it has not got hotter for a few years now

FINISHED 28/3/2008 a Stew Green Opinion
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