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When you think about it it's the religious people who are perverts

- They expect their sons and daughters to go from nothing to full sex in one day ! ..That's perverse Yet many radical people in many religions think they are the guardians of morality.

- They deny their sons and daughters from contact with the opposite sex. Many have never have to have touched a member of the opposite sex in their whole life, and in some cases never even seen their partner before yet they expect them to perform that night without the form of the natural gradual learning experience. Surely that's disgusting, it's rape

- If they are to be so overprotective of their daughters, they should ensure their is no social pressure for sex, before they have built up a relationship with their husband and feel comfortable with him. While arranged marriage is a traditional practice which may sometimes be OK there has to be some safety valves. A woman should be able to say :"I've tried to like this guy for 6 months, but I don't want to have sex with him." Whether a couple have sex on the first night, of after 1 months or after 6 months is nobody's business except their own as long as they are BOTH comfortable with it.

- e.g 1. If a poor family marry their young daughter to an old ugly, but rich guy and she doesn't feel anything for him, by setting up the marriage and by failing to provide any escape route those people involved are guilty of aiding and abetting a rape.

- e.g. 2. If there are 2 sisters :
- "A" had a boyfriend from 18-20 another from 21-25 at 26 she met her new boyfriend now a 28 she lives with him.
- Her sister B has never spoken to a man she married Mr X. Being a good wife she helps him in his work as an utterly corrupt politician. Who is the moral one ?

- I don't know why I am surprised, the sacredness religion awards itself provides a framework for many logically immoral actions, like violence against other people of other religions, honour crimes etc.

The BBC had a program about sex in Islam
- In the second prog a British Immam took a surprisingly liberal line .. "There is a cult of virginity this is unislamic", he went onto say the Koran doesn't say you have to a virgin, just that you have to be moral, for a start divorced people can marry. He rationally explained that a broken hymen doesn't mean anything as hymen break in everyday activity. Wow an imman who talks some sense !
- The prog went on to explain a popular surgery in some Islamic countries is having you hymen re-connected and a blood packet inserted so that you bleed on your wedding night. How bizarre.

- The prog did show there was a wide variety of opinions among Muslims. One woman expected her husband to be a virgin, others said it was OK for the man not to be, one British woman said her parents would be horrified that she lives with her boyfriend, but in her opinion she is a perfectly moral Muslim. And I suppose certainly the Iranian tradition she would be, as the marriage contract is just words between the couple, and can be dissolved easily. And she fits in with the modern UK tradition of serial monogamy.
- Interestingly since under UK law if you live with some one then they are recognized as being your common law husband/wife so that's almost the same as the Iranian thing.

Science bits
- A radiation scientist who has moved to Oxford UK said " I mean science funding has done very poorly under the Bush administration, has fallen back. Your probability of getting a new grant or having a grant renewed in the United States has fallen I think to around 8% at this point in time, which is really pretty much like buying a lottery ticket, I mean it means that you're taking many of your best minds and instead of doing research they're spending all the time writing grants, trying to raise the funds to do research. So I actually think that the research environment in the UK is very good"

Skeptoid podcast- Disappointing left wing tabloid style.
- I found this guy making podcasts with a skeptical viewpoint, but disappointing : In the same way as Michael Moore left wing tabloid style. Fox News and other right wingers are strong on comment and weak on facts left wingers copying this style is no good. Poking fun at left wing irrationalists and then making irrational statements sometimes destroys the logic argument you're making

- I see he's trying to provoke like a Skeptical rush Limbaugh, but he ends up preaching to converted. He should try to understand other point of view. By just rubbishing them you don't win any converts.

- On Biodynamics e.g. Biodynamics said to work in farmers experience this is explained by things like they spend more time walking around their farm and there do things like notice noxious weeds or cows infections. Biodynamics is attractive cos it begins focused in science e.g. planting by moon cycle

- Organics - He laughed at other peoples prejudices and then made his own "ugh I would want to eat anything peed on",

  • doh, your pee is isn't dangerous I could eat peed on food 100% safely.

    - Organic doesn't live up to the hype, but positives like less chemical residues, more birds should be acknowledged.

    - Greens would just say this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.and ignore your valid points.

    - On Religion He used a straw man tactic. He should have said - It's a case of rational thought versus dogma.
    He was also ignorant of terrorist basis of Islam (it goes without saying that 99.9% of Muslims use their own logical morality to disown terrorism)

  • FINISHED 15/3/2007 a Stew Green Opinion
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