PC422 Reverse Ockham, Vampire power etc :
Michael Stermer on Skepticality

- people can't accept complex answer so make a simple one up like creationism.
- I say Good thinking technique is the Ockham's Razor Principle - always look for the simplest solution- Thus case I would call this The Reverse Ockham Principle - The evidence points to a complex solution, but we don't like complex solutions so lets make a simple one up and ignore the fact it doesn't fit the evidence

- "anything we don't understand assumes mammoth and mystical proportions", This is the superstition theory that Lovelock calls fear of GM and Nuclear.

- He said - "lottery = tax on people who can't do maths"

Spark on CBC about energy saving

had article: about using tool libraries etc you can hire a Watt meter from the public library -

- 2002-2006 Internet industry CO2 doubled

- server farm reported 1.5% of US from EPA other rep from UK ECO charity Global Action Plan ..I checked based on extrapolation of extrapolation "Oh my God look the internet industry's CO2 could double" Hello 1% to 2% what about the other 98% of energy use you F-wits ?
- If you take people out of Scotland and put them in a warmer cimate and put pc server farms there then maybe you'd save CO2

- As normal the muggles have no sense of maths perspective- you are putting in 300W of eco lightbulb meanwhile your Vietnamese gangster neighbours have 30,000W of floodlights on their indoor marijuana farm. (This is common in Canada apparently)

- They banged on about vampire power in all originates in research from the professor heading California's energy saving. He came out a few years with research saying vampire power is 5%
- 1. it is suspiciously high
- 2 his second report saying it's 10%, which again is suspicious cos he's saying the first time he understimated by 50%
- 3 what about the other 90% ?
- 4 Look wasted energy just doesn't disappear most of it would be turned to heat and if it was that huge you'd notice your house getting hotter.

- The 0.45W standby power maximum I thought FDA regulations requirements meant all devices must have a maximum standby of 0.45W actually I see I was wrong. That's their requirement for Energystar 1 rating which entitles the manufacture to put the Energystar sticker on yet many devices do have that sticker I think. (PC monitors etc)

Other stuff

- Steiner Religion in Victoria Australia state schools- Victoria government is sending kids to Steiner schools trouble is they are beginning to find there's some weird religious beliefs and state education is legally secular.

- BBC FOOC China's economy is only 20% export. Far from being dependent on exports and far from all it's CO2 being ours.

- Radio Wales -Mousemat story about Russian super Artificial Intelligence prog which runs on dating sites pretending to be a date and coaxing your bank account details out of you.

- Caesarean babies get sicker - Normally babies get a mouthful of bacteria from the mother's vagina as they exit, which kicks start the immune system so they build up resistance against allergies and sickness easier.

ICE number for your phone
- Dr Karl mentioned this campaign which started in Canada.
- Ambulance men would find a victim, but wouldn't know what number to call.
- The idea is you put a number in your phones memory with the name ICE meaning In Case of Emergency
- I would suggest you also use 1ICE as this would appear first in alphabetical order.
- also you can add medical info like "diabetic blood A"

- My phone has my Mum's number on the switch-on screen anyway and is password protected so an ambulance man wouldn't be able to see my other numbers anyway.

US Jails : NPR - technation.com
- ITC.TN-SashaAmramsky-2007.07.13.mp3 prison stuff
- This weeks featured book was a UK writer about US jails
- It's a much higher percentage than other countries - 2.2m US people are in jail 500,000 of them are insane

- A major problem is that prisons are so largely contracted out to private businesses that they have no incentives to reduce prisoner numbers indeed the easiest way for them to grow their business is for prisoner numbers to increase.

- Idea should have reducecrime corp

- XG - the Ex-Gangster channel

FINISHED 2/2008 a Stew Green Opinion
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