Gr33n M3gic Solutions
- It's worth paying that little bit extra for a plan which guarantees to reduce your CO2
TSGP (The Smug Green Plan)
- Yes just what Every consumer wants : something they can buy that will make you more Green.

- Do you really care ? Going green isn't going to be cheap. As a good consumer you know you have to pay more for better quality.
- And my Gr33n M3gic Solutions are that. I guarantee they will really reduce your CO2 footprint unlike many pseudo-green solutions like home wind turbines. This plan will cost you 20% more that you paid last year.

Step 1 Add up how much you spent last year on electricity, gas, petrol and unecessary purchases.

Step 2 Follow these tips

The tips

- Realise you can't have your cake and eat it. i.e. drive to your job and generate no CO2. So move house or job, so that you can travel by walking or bicycle
- Don't drive your fat kids to school at least drop them 600m away
- transport - walk you slob
- food - eat less you fat git
- get up an hour early - save an hours worth of lightning
- share a car - borrow the neighbours car when you really need one.
- If you are spending money you are generating CO2 so only buy stuff you really need. - buy more services
- Contraception - If you have a kid then you have a 50% share in a machine which makes as much C02 as you this generation and could spawn more in the future.

Step 3 At the end of the year you'll find you've spent less that last year on energy BUT if you keep that money you'll only spend it on more stuff generating more CO2. No instead send me 2 cheques
- one for 20% of what you paid last year
- and one for what you saved this year.

: To summarize if you really want to buy an easy green solution : Then you consult me: I tell you to change your life - you pay me all the money you save plus a fat commission, therefore preventing the savings been spentnin CO2 generating stuff. - You could of course work less or invest the savings instead of spending them - but that would mean you're an anti-capitalist or something !

Another idea : My Green Dollar idea

If you don't want to give me your money what about this :

- The problem is when you earn $30K you spend $30K on stuff which includes a CO2 Component. So you need to divert money away from stuff and into services like song classes and dance lessons.

- The only thing is maybe the teacher will spend the money on fuel for his dragster
so Take a 10 note and write on it "For Green Services only, 100% CO2 free without offsets"

- Green Web Money This would Be the same as E-Bay except only Green Dollar Products would be traded