PC410 Finding Truth These Days /Distortion of Science
Prog 1 : Green movement has been hijacked by anti-capitalists ?
Stop The World a BBC series about controversial opinions

is it at all possible the Green movement has been hijacked by anti-capitalists ?
- The prog featured Dick Taverne founder of Sense about Science. He's pro science and logic so he sees a lot of good in GMOs. He accused Green Organizations of following dogma rather than science and logic. He says when reports come out contradicting their dogma do Green Organizations side with the 1 crank or the 20 scientists ? No they say those scientists are all paid by big companies there is a conspiracy against that one "crank". He gave an example

The journalist checked Soil Association's latest report and found a lot of clever images and marketing, but at the heart of the report was the named report, which they admitted no one else had replicated , but they wrote, "We can ignore other reports cos they are all paid for by evil companies. This guys a martyr the whole industry has a conspiracy against him !"

I hope we are all sure of our science before we make our decisions !

In the prog DT came across as very rational. He wrote a book The March of Unreason: Science, Democracy, and the New Fundamentalism (2005)
see notes about trusting science below

Prog 2 : Reducing personal CO2 is pointless

- The second prog featured a BBC producer takes a contrary view on Climate Change thinking principly he laughs at ideas of reducing CO2. He's being reporting it for 20 years and says
- 1. it might not be a problem now
- 2. fix it if it comes, by sending dust up.

He says it's unrealistic to expect people to reduce much, they'll just get into stupid bickering games. People don't respect the common good they respect their own.

Fair points - can't say I agree. I don't like the way it came across as this is the only option if you don't believe IPCC, like a lot of rational people don't

Trusting Science : solar update

These days many scientist have a motivation or something to sell especially those that will speak to the media.

- I checked more facts mentioned in Background briefing
- "The state of Bavaria has 1% solar and it's doubling every year", the solar expert said . He's said something that has impact cos 1% is a hell of a lot for solar.

I checked the facts - Only one strong source had this figure a trade magazine, but the most important thing is that this is one place is the world with the highest concentration of solar research, cos the German government has decided in the Germany will be the world's source of solar panel manufacturing. So it's busy subsidising it and pushing to dominate the market todays inefficient technology so that in a few years time when the new efficient panels come out it will be in a strong position. So he's cherry picking the facts, instead of giving a complex truth.

seems to me that we are waiting for a new kind of solar that will push efficiency upto 25% as reported on NPR Science

- dodgy argument tricks that play well
- cherry picking
- upto
- striking anecdotal
- absence of clear stats.

- People having an agenda They get very passionate about something and they'll defend it to the death.

- Something is reported. - and people make up mind too quickly

The Peta Milk Scare

Another example of why we have to skeptical of "science" claims an animal Rights organization hijaacking science. I noticed someone was asking on the US Skepticality forum "is it true that milk is really dangerous ? .. eh what

- well if you do a search on "milk +danger", you get thousands of sites full of horror stories. If you look at the Wikipedia "Milk" page you see parts of it have been hijacked saying things like "milk is a cancer causing chemical." quoting scientific reports a sources, but when I checked they turned out not to be real. Fortunately there are also a few words of warning on the Wikipedia page about the PETA's campaign.

Their ideology is : that vegetarian is best, all animal farming is evil and should be stopped at all costs. Their latest campaign seeks to target milk and make the public think it's a poison. So they have this internet viral campaign making all kinds of negative claims about milk often backing this us with data which seems to be scientific, but isn't.

Not to mention all this in a country where you can win 200 million dollars cos someone sold you a hot cup of coffee, that you spillt on yourself, so do you really think food producers are poisoning people ?

But is it good to reward eco-terrorists the oxygen of publicity by reporting the story ?

Have I become a conservative?
James Delingpole had an essay on ABC Counterpoint : Am I Becoming a Marxist ?
- I was thinking the other day have I become a conservative ? To find alternative news I used to have to go to left wing sites .. now I always find the alternative news on right wing sites . I'm sure I haven't changed. It seems to me that the green panic stories of the left have been adopted by the mainstream media.

I am certainly not like James Delingpole. I'm sorry, but he is a raving right wing nutcase. Cameras in our bins ? rubbish It's not a camera it a radio chip. In the old days you used to have a bloke with a clipboard going round with the binmen seeing if the bins were half full or half empty, so they can plan more efficiently. These days it just easier to have a chip in the bin. So when the truck lifts the bin it can tell from the chip when the bin was last emptied and transmit into the chip the weight of the rubbish collected this time. Yes it is to do with European law as it helps them work out if recycling targets are being met and whether more action needs to be taken.

- He complains of :"Ridiculous safety laws" h'm could perhaps explain why the UK has much better safety record than most countries. e.g. road deaths of 1 in 6m per day as opposed to 1 in 1m per day in Iran. "She'll be already be alright mate", isn't good enough. Doing Risk Assessment before you do the job works. It helps prevent accidents & prepare you for what to do if there is one.

Brain Slows time for dreams
9.20 am in fact I had just woken with a revealation about dreams. How come dreams seem so real like movies ? How does your brain work out all the details so quickly ? I think maybe ..It slows down your perception of time. I had woken before 6 swiched on the radio to drown out the mosque, but the days radio hadn't started yet except for a relay of the mosque. Fall asleep , have a couple of intense dream episodes et voila it's 9.20am.

Fast Download Trick 1
- Theoretically the internet should be as fast as it possibly can be. BIT is built into Internet Explorer so all the old progs that promised fast download don't work and many include spyware, but I have found a prog that does work. You can stick it on a memory stick and when you rightclick over a link in Internet Explorer it asks you if you want to download the file. It's called Massdownloader for me it is really fast

Trick 2 : Record "unrecordable" streaming audio
- you use URLSnooper2... when you listen to the audio it traces the original source file, then you copy and paste this into the address bar of internet explorer, but it works faster if I paste the URL into MassDownloader.

- Yes copies from uncopiable files mp3 and video from Myspace no problem
- the BBC streams in Real Audio so the files come out not as mp3 but as .ra
- to convert to mp3 I use a neat little programme called NCH Switch.

- URLSnooper is affiliated to a good freeware site with lots of shortcut tools like the Color Picker fast memorystick remove etc. It's worth joining and donatingto them..donationcoder.com

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