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Having shown that The Government's spokesman was wrong about Australia being desperate for water. I went on to see if the recent heavy rains now mean the drought is over

Floods ? : Yes it seems to me in Australian "droughts" they get a lot of rain. Some of the newspaper headlines in Victoria 8 days before Sir David King's words ..

"The Lower South-East recorded its wettest start to November since records began "

"The rain, the most in a 24-hour period in the region in a century, forced the evacuation of many visitors from Cumberland River Holiday Park, west of Lorne."

"Many areas from the far northwest of SA to Victoria's east have recorded up to three times the November average rainfall in the first five days of the month."

"While the Bureau of Meteorology said as much as 150mm fell overnight in Gippsland, Mr White said he believed the flooding would be less severe than in June and July, when much of the area was inundated. "

Yes there were also floods in June, floods in January etc.. usually they "yes, but it always rains in the wrong area."

more stories ABC rainfall stories

More Background : Australia's water problem : Drought that's wet

- When it comes to water, things have changed from what people have been accustomed to in the last 50 years, where you pretty much took what water you wanted without thinking much. A combination of things have effected this, changes in population, and their consumption pattern, changes in agricultural use (more irrigation) and changes in rainfall pattern.

Because, it has had a low population Australia hasn't had to worry about conserving water they don't unlike most places in Europe recycle water. So in recent years reservoir levels have fallen. There is no evidence in the long term that rainfall patterns have been different in the past from today. The common phrase is cyclical droughts.

I would tend to agree with people who say there is a drought myth in Australia.

So I wondered with all this rain has the drought ended ? Actually the last few times it's flooded, the authorities say the droughts are still on. The stories were the same as last year "Yes there have been floods, but in the wrong area" . Well, I know Adelaide's reservoirs are at 88% capacity.
- So I checked the official Met Office Rainfall maps to see if in the last 6 weeks rain had only hit a few areas. ...but I found in Oct, Nov the ground got wet in every area on the map. Is that a drought ? yes a Wet Drought

Yes it pretty much rained everywhere in Oct/Nov at 5 to 200mm, but they still count that as a drought !

think this an exception check the month before on their site October 2007 australia Rainfall map

Australia has a funny way of counting drought, It doesn't mean no rain at all. It means rainfall is a certain amount lower than normal. Granted if you look you can find many places are pretty dry, but certainly not everywhere. Seems to me some people choose to live in a desert and then complain it doesn't rain much.
- Yes I am saying that there is no big drought in Australia.

"Heresy ! Burn Him at the stake !", "What about all those poor farmers ?" Yes I have heard many stories of cattle stations where they used to have 1000s of cows and it didn't rain for a year. And farmers are always on the radio complaining. But as Warwick Hughs points out 2003-2004 record wheat yields were achieved. In wine areas they've switched to drip irrigation and they are fine. I am sure many inland farming areas have experienced long periods with marginal rain or irrigation restrictions. There have been a lot of localised dry spells. Not everywhere and not all the time... (not finished)

So checked to see if anyone is daring to say this. A few Greenies were pushng the message "Oh course it's not a drought ! It's climate change, Australia is going to get drier and drier and we are all doomed !" That's not believable as such dry spells have consistently happened in the past, followed by another cycle of wet years. Searching for skepticism on drought I did find 2 scientists have been writing about the drought myth for many years.

Some Scientists in WA who have laid into the Australia Drought Myth

- warwickhughes.com Warwick Hughes & Douglas Hoyt. Check the maps on the site in 2002 Report, and his background Australian Drought Myths. They claim there is some understating of rain. Which given the political climate is plausible .

"High Australian wheat production in 2003-04 yet the media yaks on about drought."

Stolen from their website : The black trendline on this BoM rainfall history 1900-2006 for the Murray Darling Basin (MDB) shows the 1940ís were dryer than now and there is NO evidence in these data of a climate shift. It is perfectly clear that current dryer conditions are normal cyclic events to be expected and that planning of urban water infrastructure has failed to keep pace with population and consumption trends.

- my own position
I don't have to worry my Carbon footprint is extremely low anyway. I have a simple life have never wanted kids owned a car or house. I believe everytime you consume then that uses energy/materials so it's best to keep this low not cos of CO2 worries, but because of the local pollution and ecology a d to leave raw materials for other people. If I make a house that's less space for nature.

Scary People Page : scarer bad predictions page index -wrong number page : Princess Diana mentality in the press

I lived in Adelaide and I would be out walking, by in the rain by the River Murray broad with a lot of water in it and the radio would be banging on .."drought, drought" etc I realised
1. Ozzies likes to complain
2. Australia has a funny way of counting drought. It doesn't mean no rain at all, it means a certain amount lower than normal. They seem to have had a lot of floods in last few years. Granted if you look you can many places are pretty dry, but certainly not everywhere. If you look at their met service maps for Oct & Nov 2007 you can see pretty much everywhere got a drop of rain.

Tuesday 13/11/2007 a Stew Green Opinion (actually spell checked, but the grammar is my own style !)

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