Green Positive

- Everytime you consume energy and raw materials are used so they are not their for future generations and nature is damaged. So keep it simple and therefore substainable.
- If you forget about GW, but just think about your general ecological impact, you'll help the enviroment more and accidentally reduce your CO2 than those people only worried about CO2.

Top Tips for reducing Ecological Impact you probably won't hear them anywhere else, but they'll work a damm site better than buying a Toyota Prius.

-1- Culture Change : downsize and simplify, accept you can't have your cake and eat it
-2- Work less - The more you work the more you earn, the more you earn then the more you spend. Each consumption has a materials/energy component so if you are spending money you are generating CO2. And when I say work I mean all work; don't come home and spend your time on DIY and supercharging your car.
-3- Accept you only need a room to live in not a whole house Get some lodgers in if you have 100 people living in 50 houses it's nowhere near as good as having 100 in 20 houses. The ridiculous housebuilding programme in the UK and elsewhere. If you went back to rates and put them very high you wouldn't get one person ving in a whole house alone.

-4- Move to somewhere where you need heating or airconditioning
-5- Spend your money more on services and less on products more singing lessons less patio extensions. ... smaller portions better quality.
-6- Restricting Conception Contraception - more kids = more consumers.
If you have a kid then you have a 50% share in a machine which makes as much C02 as you this generation and could spawn more in the future.
- Those religions who say Nature/God doesn't approve of abortion should remember that Nature/God causes 70% of pregnancies to end in a natural abortion (miscarriage) (thought to be cos the body is detecting conditions aren't right). So controlling conception is just an enhancement of nature.
-7- Fuck more - in conjunction with the above it's a carbon free alternative to consuming other stuff.
-8- wear less clothes, when it's hot. Wear more when it's cold
-9- Go to bed when it's dark and get up when it's light !
-10- Town Planning - Put peoples homes, jobs, shopping walking distance apart not driving distance
-11- Waterless Toilets - like the ones @ Korean farms

- maybe talk about the "Tragedy of The Commons"

"Don't consume in the first place", "You can't have your cake and eat it, so don't commute, don't have kids etc" as this would make a difference instead of recycling and buying more green stuff

- 1. explaining manufacturing everything you buy consumes energy even solar panels never mind pseudo green stuff. So get off the consumer society bandwagon.
- 2. That if we all had as many children as Gore we would triple our CO2 EVERY generation.
- 3. That you can't have your cake and eat it. e.g. commuting - You canít live far from your job and be green, even if you get public transport - Live near your job, you stupid people !

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