ABC Big Idea - rigged panel on Climate
An inconvenient swindle: the media, climate change, science and spin ABC
The Jeremy Leggett solar salesman show - there's no transcript and the website doesn't even mention the other panel members

ABC - The show was the GW Catastrophe Party line

-somehow one journalist made one small point that critics shouldn't be silenced, and the panel almost went into spasms. One journalist Simon Gross (Canberra Times) was concerned he'd been to the World science journalists conference and he described how he'd been instructed by Kevin Henessy of CSIRO (Oz gov research org) not to report any skeptic stories. And he made the point when you blame the media you've lost the agument. He said you can't just ignore the opposition then gave a list from history where the consensus was wrong.

-The presenter with loaded words -"yes what about when one sides arguments have "'demonstratebly" shown to be wrong or in error (again who's judging ?) We don't have to put to air film's about Hitler the nice guy or Mother Therasa's death camps. (Seemingly he is unaware of big concerns the Indian skeptics movement has about her "no pray" then "no care" policy.) ... gave opinion about GW swindle "shown to be wrong, before we put it to air" (wrong what every minute ? we can be sure he wouldn't say the same about liar Gores film)

- Mr Bad Maths Jeremy Leggott "this time the whole planet is a stake" what's he mean ?- me and my bad maths should be allowed on but not opposition cos they are all paid by the oil companies
- this is followed by a voiceover which makes it clear he earns his money - he sells solar panels (It doesn't make it clear that if we were calm about Climate then his book sales would also drop)

- (* Bad maths check the Science Show Transcript his "salesman's maths" is appalling and contradictory". I hope he's a little confused otherwise it seems he make his money from telling lies about solar.)

- And he says people like him should be allowed on and others kept off "good grief" is the least I can say.

- Jeremy Leggett - When you come on the radio you make me want to switch it off.

- Leggett came on and said yes this time it's different the whole future of the planet. "different rules have to apply" so no you shouldn't report skeptics. He then spoke incredibly biased terms "this is just after we have had a national consensus, we can't "..." biblical floods" , (er liar - not biblical, scientists aren't so sure they are caused by GW) When you allow the media a freehand get that "appalling travesty" GW swindle ..he bangs on for while.."utter garbage"... "serial abuser"
- the financial journalist backs him up.

"We have to set standards ..", ..what will you cherry picking strange anecdotal cases be excempted ?

- then he got nutty and said 2 strikes and your out .. the rest of the panel laughed at him as he clearly looked irrational

- 17 years in business (since he left oil job)

- He gave an example e.g. someone picked something from Accuweather using 3 weather stations in America purported to show a global trend (come on mate, we can give 1000 examples when the pro catastrophe have done this , you yourself are doing what you criticize them for doing picking a cherry picked anecdotal event )

- scientist said "these skeptics wouldn't make into my university their arguments don't stand up to the first glance !" - What about those 1000 profs and PHD who will admit to being skeptics ?

- Leggett admitted he flew, admitted carbon curve hadn't even changed

- The Journonalist was more cynical about Rupert Murdoch and Arnie jumping on the bandwagon.

- Will (Met guy) wasn't over the top about extreme weather events- said cyclones will get more powerful .. but science isn't sure

- Leggett had a perfect salesline "look the insurance companies say it's true" ..yes they can put up premiums catastrophes it's gonna get worse...then pointed out their investment arms still invest ...i.e. he's saying they that they aren't that worried

- JL- "Di caprio scenario, Greenland Ice sheet will melt and we will be metres under water..we have a limited time 10 years etc ..I could do it all tomorrow" .. why are you failing then ?

- Simon was asked about Nuclear Power- presenter said it takes too long

- JL said his daughters house cut electrcity from 3500KWh/year cut consumption by 2/3 of the previous tenants-Good on him ! Finally mention a good action - yes downsize

- the maths come out to 130W per hour on average , which is doable if you don't have any electric for hotwater or a fire and you don't stay in much. My guess is he didn't do it by using energy efficient lightbulbs, but it's just the previous occupiers used some big items like a fire/cooker etc and he. Rememer if they were a family with nappies to wash of course they would have used more electricity.

..Talked up peak oil a collapse over the next few years .."oil will go through the roof ! ..we are stupid if we go to coal" "that peak oil, that big shock"

- He admitted his view is a minority view .. yes what about Ice Methane and the vast reserves oil being discovered ?

- LG - "no we shouldn't give up there are grounds for cautious optismism."

- Presenter made it clear ..the questioner is Will's friend .. "population is not a problem, it's consumption ..spread of "western" consumptive culture, why label it Western ?..

- "The skeptics will get more aggressive " what ?

- actually panel is named here

- I must be the only listener anyway seems like no one is talking about it on the net

- Whos's calling other people deniers ? ..from the web .." In September 2006, on CNBC's Global Players program, Jeremy Leggett, CEO of a solar power company, called for fellow guest Fred Smith, president of the CEI to be locked up for expressing his views..
- James Hansen, NASA GW Evangelist , who has vociferously complained in the media of being silenced by the Bush administration for his research on global warming, suggested -- without a hint of irony -- that Mr. Smith should not even have been given such a platform for his views.

So just what is the nature of the "denial" that these scientists and environmentalists want to eradicate? ..."