Planet Nonsense
We live in an extremely stupid world. It's full of lies, distortions and bad thinking.

1. e.g. There is so much rubbish talk about Climate Change Catastrophe characterised by wild claim, after wild claim which don't stand up to close examination. See the CC Blog

2. Simple Thinking - people know nothing about nothing and live in a world of simple assumptions more

3. An example of bad thinking - People say "It's America, it's America".
- It was hearing BBC Correspondent report about how the Chinese had managed to accidentally through incompetence/greed infect ONE MILLION People with HIV, that inspired me to write this ..............

The Chinese governments kills a million people and no-one even notices

Just listened to another great edition of the BBC Radio's From Our Own Correspondent. It's a programme where instead of doing rolling news snippets or "boy in a well type stories", they do proper investigative reporting, spending weeks researching a story.

Well, this story was about a poor country area. In 1998 local businesses started a scheme where they paid people 5 for donations of blood, lots of people signed up as this is a poor area. However they made 2 big errors :
-1 They didn't screen the blood for HIV
-2 It's normal to take blood from the donor then extract the important part the plasma and put the rest back into the donor. But in this case they mixed the blood before putting it back.

As a result lots of people got blood with HIV in. It went on for a long time and of course the HIV spread through the families. It seems when the authorities found out they were quick to cover it up rather than fix the situation.

Eventually an 72 year old doctor informed the outside world. She is regarded as a traitor, not jailed, but kept under close observation.

The government admits the outbreak has infected 700,000 people NGOs say it's many more. The BBC reporter quoted 1 million. He visited areas which he said were devastated i.e. where most of the family members had died leaving only a few HIV positive survivors. He said the government was finally getting it's act together and is now supplying the anti-retroviral drugs to many people, but at the same time the practice of persecute the whistle blower instead of the perpetrator persit. And other such badly policed money for blood schemes are beginning to appear in other parts of the country today. story on BBC news, Telegraph

Will someone come up with an angle to pin this one on "The Americans" ?
- What is certain is that while people bang on and on about a few death caused by "The Americans", millions of deaths in other countries go on largely unreported or protested about.

In the early cold war period it seems like the western media was often inclined to look for faults with the Communist China or Russia. But now the balance has completely shifted the west blames itself for everything and cos there is no longer much political motivation to investigate the "reds", the media make little attempt to get around the blocks that China, Russia and other totalitarian regimes impose.

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