Treasure Hunt


Your mission if you choose to take it , form a team of 2 people and to follow the clues to 30 places in the centre of Araraquara (walking). Answer the 30 "cryptic" questions. All answers must be English. Write the answers next to the question. If you follow the clues correctly you will find us at the bar; where there will be a prize for the fastest team and another for the one with the most points.

Go quickly, but some of these questions are difficult.

If you canít answer a question do not worry, go to the next one.


clue eg Leave the school turn right cross the street, stop and look around.

Q1 What comes after 2 "U"s ?

(answer Bar 2 VVs)

clue 1 look around.

Q1 What can you get at the castle?

clue 2 walk north look to your left ?

Q2 There are twins next to each other what do they sell ?

clue 3 At the corner look around

Q3 What does Drimaq supply ?

clue 4 look around some more

Q4 If you buy a new apartment , how many bedrooms will you have?

clue 5 Go West next to the school

Q5 You can see some flowers , but they are not alive how many are there ?

clue 6 Go back to the corner and walk east along the park path

Q6 Do you see a court ? but there is no judge at this type of court ? Why not ?

clue Cross the street

Q7 They deal with rock technology , what do they call themselves ?

clue 8 more east

Q 8 A doctor cang light into your life, at what house number ?

clue 9 Find the place where there should be a king.

Q 9 What is it ?

clue 10 Look inside the door.

Q 10 Children like this little spheres how much are they ?

clue 11 Cross back to the park, look around.

Q 11 How far is the place you feed your car ?

clue 12 Walk south keep looking.

Q 12 If you wanted to see the King of Germany what number would be useful ?

clue 13 Look to the right there is a noticeboard.

Q 13 You can get in some funny positions , how many ?

clue 14 Look around

Q 14 Two companies sponsor to help you with your chronological question, who are they ?

clue 15 Look across the road.

Q 15 Who can help equip your gym ?

clue 16

Q 16 What is the number of the people who can help you if you want ask questions in Paris ?

clue 17 The next corner, look around very carefully at the kiosk.

Q 17 What does this bus bring ?

clue 18 Stand right on the corner and look across.

Q 18 There is a tower of what ?

Q 19 How many dogs are always pictured in the park ?

clue 20 Go south across the street .

Q 20 There is a machine with flavours that cool you down, how many flavours ?

clue 21 At this place is also some geographical information. Look right next to it.

Q 21 Who is the owner ?

clue 22 Walk south.

Q 22 It used to have a lot of money , now it has none; what is it ?

clue 23 Look to your right.

Q 23 What is the magic object that flew around the world ?

clue 24 You are on the corner.

Q 24 What business gets up really early in the morning ?

clue 25 Walk west now. Stop halfway down the block .

Q 25 Where is an organistaion with a french milk product it itís name, What is the name ?

Q 26 If your cigarette goes out you re-light it ? When a goal is scored on TV they replay it. What do you do if your lightbulb breaks ?

clue 27 Turn left at this corner.

Q 27 What is the number of the "big ears " ?

clue 28 Cross the street, to the place where the hippies would be happy. Q 28 How much are the aromatic scents ?

clue 29 Turn back and go south. Stop at the corner and look across.

Q 29 He is not a Roman emperor he is a ...?

clue 30 Cross the street and continue south meet me at a place of discs from Italy.


Each team will get a different question sheet so they will vist the same 30 places but in a different order.

It should take about 90 minutes.

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