Understanding Music In English

In every country you go to you can hear music in English.

English has a sound which is good for music. Many words rhyme, so itís easier to have pleasant sounds than in a language like German.

Many students ask what are they singing about. They feel sad ,because they canít understand every word. But neither can I. Some people sing fast, so itís very difficult to catch the words. Sometimes they also change the sound of the words to make them rhyme. Or they might use colloquial, dialect or slang words.


Donít try to think too hard just enjoy the music if you do manage to understand the words then that is a bonus.

  1. Impossible Songs ... e.g. Whiter Shade Of Pale
  2. by Procural Harem ..."I skipped the light fandango ...."

    sung clearly and simple lyrics, but itís famous for not having any meaning at all. There are other songs where they the lyrics donít make sense and they donít sing clearly

  3. Difficult Songs ... e.g. Most songs by Pink Floyd
  4. sung clearly, but with complex lyrics. You have to listen carefully and have a lot of background knowledge.

  5. Easy Songs... e.g. She Loves You by the Beatles

sung clearly and simple lyrics

Mad Dogs An Englishman

Listen to the song once then the second time try to fill in the missing words on the next page (work in pairs) ..look for the rhymes.

Places to find lyrics on the internet


or search ....e.g. +lyrics +Beatles +Daytripper