Program for the conversation group January 6th -29th
8.00-9.00 pm  and 9.00-10.00 pm
Better English Techniques...Conversation Practice ...Games and Cultural Information
06/1 Wed - Techniques for Better English - Introductions - Find Someone Who
07/1 Thu - Controversy  ...debate practice
08/1 Fri - Stewart's Travels and photos and interview
What do you want  to know ? 10 minutes on your requested subject
e.g Computer English or English for visiting England 

11/1 Mon - speaking English NOT Brazilian English
12/1 Tue- Don't worry if you don't know the word and Team game
13/1 Wed- How Do I say That ? Pronounciation Basics
14/1 Thu- How To Travel ... Stewart's Special Tips
15/1 Fri- Listening Practice and cooperation with Traditional British Pub Quiz- Team Game

18/1 Mon - Vocabulary practice and Pictionary Game
19/1 Tue-  Wedding or Work ? and Who am I Game
20/1 Wed- Will You live to be 100 ? listening practice
21/1 Thu- British History and visiting
22/1 Fri- Speaking Practice and cooperation with Call My Bluff - Team Game

SPECIAL FEATURE Stewart Green's 8.30 Interview every day
25/1 Mon-  More Building Your your English and The Make A story Game 
26/1 Tue  - Are you old enough ? ..law
27/1 Wed - The Trial ! Did the Press kill Princess Diana ? 
28/1 Thu -  Review
29/1 Fri - Treasure Hunt around Araquara and meet in bar 
Extras Relax and Chat , is that clear
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fone: (016) 222-6220