Christmas Treasure Hunt

Friday 18th December 8-10 pm

Your mission if you choose to take it , form a team of 2 people and to follow the clues to 20 places in the centre of Araraquara (walking). Answer the 20 "cryptic" questions. All answers must be English. Write the answers next to the question. If you follow the clues correctly you will find us at the bar; where there will be a prize for the fastest team and another for the one with the most points.

Go quickly, but some of these questions are difficult.

If you canít answer a question do not worry, go to the next one.


clue 1 Leave the school turn right cross the street, stop and look around.

Q1 What comes after 2 "U"s ?

(answer Bar 2 VVs)

clue 2 Go West one block, cross over, go South one block and cross over

this is a place where people play agame

(checkpoint 1.....now you are the municipal football stadium .)

Q2 When was this place restored (exact date)?

clue 3 Nearby is a place which sells alcohol, but you cannot drink it; go there.

Q3 How much is the alcohol?

clue 4 Go through the middle of the park back towards the school continue along Expdicionarios until you reach the dental school.

Q4 Look for the man with the big head . How old is he ?

How long has he been waiting ?

clue 6 Go North and you find a bar ? Look at the outside

Q6 Who is flying over the mountains ?

clue 7 Go East one block then south one block. You are now at the museum go stand in front of the museum door and look around.

Q7 There are some dogs at the museum , but they are not on the ground; how many are there ?

clue 8 From the museum go North to a place of many books.

Q 8 When was this building opened ?

clue 9 Go 2.5 blocks East along Espana look to the left.

Q 9 There are stars but they are not in the sky, how many are there ?

clue 10 cross the street and walk to the corner. You are now on the corner outside the Casa Cultura.

Q 10 look around and you can see a clock; what time is it ?

clue 11 cross to the Italian Cinema .

Q 11 This man is now in the "rush hour", but before he worked with Stewart in Hong Kong; who is he ?

clue 12 cross back

Q 12 Who has been waiting outside the Casa Cultura for along time ?

clue 13 Go south and a round the corner to a place of communication

Q 13 How many cabins do they have ?

clue 14 Go back to the main street, cross over so you are in front of the place of government.

Q 14 How many bright animals do you see ?

clue 15 Walk south and you will find another metal head.

Q 15 What was his favourite newspaper ?

clue 16 Now walk to the corner cross and you will find a place of accomodation. go inside. look to the left !

Q 16 They have one old calculator, but how many typewriters ?

clue 17 Continue along the street into the park in front of the cathedral

Q 17 How many animals are always waiting in middle of the park ?

clue 18 There is another monument .

Q 18 When was the first baptism in Araraquara ?

clue 19 Cross the street to another place that visitors can stay , go in ?

Q 19 How many presents are under the tree ?

Q 25 When did they begin contruction ?

clue 20 Now west cross the road so you are in front of a building named after a birthday.

Q 20 Look closely which animal brings the letters to this building ?

clue 21 Go across Patria continue straight on.

Q 21 There is bookshop look at the door. Someone teaches music , what instruments do they teach ?

clue 22 (A beer awaits you if you get this far) walk to the next corner.

Q 22 (corner of Gomes and Brasil) Gauchopp sells what ?

clue 23 Go south half a block and the bar is opposite the green lights of a place of study.

Q 24 Drink a beer to get one point ! And to finish this race




Each team will get a different question sheet so they will vist the same 20 places but in a different order.

It should take about 90 minutes.










Pardre DÁrte

São Bento


Dental school


casa cultura

Duque Caixas

Wake Up





São Paulo