make = create .......music, art, cook ..e.g. make a cake

do = execute ....... a course, shopping, cleaning ......e.g. do the cleaning

have = have done to you ....... test, injection, a party ......e.g. have an operation

See, look, watch

see = to be able to see, or to visit e.g. I went to see Mike,

seeing usually means something else e.g. I am seeing this girl

look = examine for a moment e.g. Let me look at that ?

watch = look continuously e.g. I am watching the TV


GET Sometimes English is easier, you can use get when the action is clear

get="buscar" and many other things

I will get some bread from the supermarket

how do I get to ?

where can I get this ?

can I get you a drink ?

I get up

get back, get in , get on, get off


take me to = accompany

take an exam = to do an exam

take this = carry away this object

take up = begin a new hobby

take on = begin a new task , or employ a new person

take back = carry an object back, or withdraw an insult

take in = protect a stranger in your house

take off = go away , the plane is taking off