This course is aimed at improving your English Conversation.

You will


  1. Don't be afraid ..English is not difficult. Anyone who can master Portuguese can master English. Be confident you can improve your English.
  2. Please make mistakes the only way you know that something is wrong is to test it and the best place to test it is the classroom. Donít worry too much about grammar I will talk about it only when we find a problem.
  3. Ask Questions If you donít understand or if I speak too fast, tell me. I never understand every word in a conversation. It is normal to say something like "Sorry, what did you say ?"
  4. Personal Strategy This is your course. We use a questionnaire to develop the course specially for you. Tell me if you want to know something or have difficulty with a particular topic.
  5. No laughing at anyone except the teacher. If your English was perfect you would not need to come to English classes.
  6. Help Each other Ė A problem shared is a problem halved. We will be doing some team and group exercises and games.
  7. I will be showing you techniques to build your English, but first .
  8. RELAX AND USE SIMPLE ENGLISH. dont try to be too fast

    You have to be a child in English before you can be an adult. You are an adult in Portuguese, but... changing complex Portuguese to English is difficult.

    K.I.S.S. principle ..Keep It Simple... Stupid ! --- Donít try to be too clever or too fast



  9. Throw away your crutches and run. When you begin English we use all kinds of aids to help us ..we think in Portuguese and use dictionaries to change it to English; thatís cheating. If you cheat in an exam youíll never learn properly. Now that you are more advanced you will find it easier to
  10. THINK IN ENGLISH >>SPEAK IN ENGLISH !!'s easier than thinking in two languages at the same time. We will use only English in the lessons so we donít have to worry about Portuguese

    if you always use arm bands you never progress in your swimming

    I will talk about the problems that arise when we think in Portuguese ...Brazilian English

  11. But I donít know the word for ....... I will show you techniques to build your English power
  12. Practice Ė If you are to improve your English then practice is one of the best ways of improving it. The time in the lesson isnít enough; we need to spend time outside the classroom using English.

Things you can try: