Foundation in English for Latinos

I know you ! You studied lots of English at school. You know a lot of grammar, but you still don't speak English very well.

Well Let's Start Speaking !

Relax, make errors.
Time : People who practice every day can learn in less than 1 year. see 1. Technique and 2. Application Form

50% Same as Spanish : the alphabet and many of the words are the same , BUT the sounds and thinking can be very different. there are 23 vowels in English. and the spelling rules are complex see 3a vowels, 3b. Consonents Speak and spell and 4. vocabulary basics.

Grammar basics.. See 5. basic phrases and 6.classroom language

VERBS - English verbs are simple, but you always write/say the subject (I, you, we, they, she, he, it etc).

The verb tenses are very exact. I something finished 1 minute ago it's the past if it's right now it's present continuous, 1 minute in the future use the future tense. See 7. Verb Basics

There is only 1 verb for (estar and ser) - to be.
There are 2 verbs for (hacer) make (=create) e.g make a cake
and do (= execute) eg. Do the shopping.

QUESTIONS - Slightly different from Spanish.
with (to be) put the verb in front e.g. Am I Mexican ?
Other verbs put "do" in front e.g. Do you speak English ? See 8. Questions

More Grammar

The adjective goes before the noun (casa blanca) -> White house.

Superlatives ..use "more" for big words e.g. Expensive ...the "most" expensive use "+er" and "est" for small words ...cheaper .. The cheapest.

Dates and countries have Capital letters. Christmas day is Wednesday 25th of December, in Chile, ..........Stewgreen@