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Syr John Falstaffe in LoveShakespeare Market
PlayOct 2006
60% : The characters were exremely well acted and the costumes were great. Maybe the weak part was the story
Review :
.. A fat knight decides to woo 2 married women at the same time and eveyone gets to know about it. The women deceive him with a plot in which he gets thrown in a sewer. In a subplot a French doctor and Welsh priest are to fight a duel, but the people not wanting either harmed send them to different places. more see more

Ain't we got Funwriter : local
companyPort Nooralunga Arts C
cabaret gangster showNov 2006
55% : better than average amateur
Review :
sometimes good acting like the silent tough guy role, but the writing was had some nice touches, but didn't feel like a finished story. One characters overuse of malpropisms got irritating, the story didn't finish well. more see more

A Night on the Tiles writer : local
company : local Marion Library
PlayNov 2006
50 % : acting variable/amateur/mediocre charming but the weakness lies in the lack of depth in the plot and writing .
Review :
They are pretty crap they're not GB Shaw or Shakespeare E.g. One brother is possibly the father of the other brothers child , then he gets to hear he's adopted himself. It's a bombshell, but falls flat. more see more

Indigenous Film Festival - Shifting Shelter 3 writer : local
company : local Mercury Cinema
Movie2005 ?
50 % : It's quite sad
Review :
Tfollowing the lives of 4 average aborigine kids, through ages 15, 20, 25. At 15 they are all very optimistic, but they all under achieve, the girls particularly have had big problems : drugs, alcohol, pregnancy getting beat up by their partners. By 25 all have had problems with getting into bad crowds I hypothesise that the strong Aborigine family system actually makes them weak. In a modern world you need to be very independent, wheras away from the family the kids were weak and vulnerable to peer pressure. more see more

Under MilkwoodDylan Thomas
3rd Year Students Adelaide TAFE
Classic Play Dec 2006
70% : A pretty impressive performance , but why didn't I like it ?
Review :
see more

The God of Hell by Sam Shepard
Flinders University Drama Centre
PlayDec 2006
35% : Writing pales to that of Dylan Thomas
too wacky to be serious Not wacky enough to be slapstick see more

Character Jam various Sam, Seb ++
Higher Ground
Comedy Character Dec 2006
50% : A kind of end of term show where the comics showcased the acts they have been working on Thursday nights
Most performers do the same act all the time which they refine more and more. Wheras I am used to comedians create strong character then write a different sketch every week getting across a particular social issue or political point more

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