Any form of drama ... TV, radio , films is special... allowing us to experience places, situations and events... We have fun and learn more about life
But some people are doing some real special things with live theatre .. imagery and audience participation which greatly enhance the experience in comparison with the mere passive watching ..........
see the list of stuff to look out for ...

SpecialDrama Extra Pages : good games and Ground-breaking Drama

TIPS : Some great Drama Games for actors ,but also suitable for icebreaking and other teaching activities, Drama Books
DRAMA for teaching : 1. Teaches people about relationships /issues 2. Extends use of language 3. tells you what the pupils already know 4. Stimulates writing and Drawing
lookout for: Amazing "Extra-Ordinary" limit breaking Real Special Drama
I like things that are breaking new ground, that involve the audience, that really tell me something.
  • Phelim Mcdermott's ..70 Hill St ..was one of the most magical pieces of theatre I have ever seen. Look out for The Improbable Theatre Company
  • Gone With The Wind (using only 3 actors, and every member of the audience)
    In Dublin Autumn 1992
  • Three Men and a Boat (Again with major audience participation)(Performance Theatre Company)
    Edinburgh Festival 1990
  • Much a Do About Nothing (Balmoral Beach, Sydney 1990)
    The first time I got all the jokes at different levels at the same time
  • Return To the Forbidden Planet (Shakespeare's Long forgotten Sci-Fi musical, Rhythm Method Productions) (Bob Carlton)
    We saw it in our University town of Coventry, when they couldn't find anyone to finance it so they had to pay for the Theatre themselves. We saw it twice went onto break West End box office records.
  • Reg Catemole Stole Mi Pig
    The brilliant 3 compere team of the Tic Toc (Alternative Cabaret) Club in Coventry
  • Bracketts and Jam (the performers free for all Tuesday nights in Sydney 1989)
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2000 - Michael McEvoy , The Old Spontaneity Shop , LA Productions, Big Word Performance Poetry

And there's always Shakespeare

MORE REVIEWS : Reviews 2006 , Live theatre , Shakespeare reviews, Edinburgh 2000 , Edinburgh 97 (I managed to see more than 40 performances ), Street Theatre at Singapore 96 Festival , Film
* Analysis of 8 Shakespeare Plays

Why the Freudian expressions ? .. I love it, it was a flop

Joke - 3 dogs .. a philosopher's, a mathematician's and an actor's each were given bones
  • P- put the bones in a circle and ran around whining
  • M- arranged in a series and barked at anyone approaching
  • A- ate all the bones, fucked the other 2 dogs and asked to go home early !!

Drama must be the oldest form of communication ; imagine when they had returned from the hunt the cavemen must have acted out their battles with the mammoths !

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