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CV of Stewart Green 27/4/2013
Mr Flexible Seeking Interesting Temporary Projects

(I can work Sundays and Public Holidays like Christmas Day etc)
Special Projects
PC + internet
English Teaching

- Health : Very Good. (I completely recovered from a stomach infection from India in 2009). I recently walked from Rome, through Switzerland to Germany

photo - well actually we never seem to have time to take them

- This is me leading a team of people at 2am across a festival main field making sure all the litter is picked up before the wind blows it all over and all the important equipment is stored before it can be effected by rain or stolen.

- I have a different attitude to most people; I place importance in qualityof life factors such as work being interesting, fulfilling and worthwhileand being around good people. Often I am glad to share my knowledge byhelping people, but also in the commercial world I do believe in professionalpay for professional work. I am an intense person; I am relaxed when dealing with problems, but I don't like to sit on the beach. I am absolutely NOT afraid to get my hands dirty.

- Since graduating I have spent the last 20 years travelling around the world having a wide variety of adventuresand experiences. (over 130 jobs in 15 countries) Examples include testingsun cream in the USA, working on community TV in Australia, starting aplastic sales company in S. Africa, being Father Christmas in Japan, amovie extra in Hong Kong , teaching English in 7 countries, cutting cauliflowersin West Australia, being a nude art model in Singapore.

From 1985-89 I worked as an undergraduate engineer for British Steel.
- Most of 1995 I worked for Frontier Internet Services.
- In the winter of 1996 I worked on web design projects and internettraining in Spain.
- 1998-2000 I was working and traveling in South America.
- In 2001 I was working and traveling in New Zealand Melbourne and Korea. (participating in a scheme to work with farmers on their farms.)
- 2002 I was helping at some exhibitions in London and at various Green/alternative festivals across the UK. Then doing some temporary work for Tescos etc. before leaving for Cuba.
- 2002-2004 I was in Central America. Teaching in Mexico. Helping in the Spanish School and teaching English in Panama.
- 2004-2005 Volunteering at some festivals in the UK. Then in New Zealand I was WWOOFing and volunteering at variations festivals, then in Korea I was helping friends at their farms and also teaching a special English programme.
- 2006-now These days I live by having an extremely simple life that way the interest from my investments provides most my income. Some time is spent doing volunteer work which often gives me free accommodation and internet website update and consultancy. The freelance consultancy work mostly involves clients coming to me with a project idea which is "going to make $million" and me analising the situation and explaining to them "that it won't make a $million because of this, this and this" or explaining that the wonder product someone is trying to sell them is a scam.

I like to do lots of different things :learning to work the at the funfair in Hong Kong was fun, but 2 weeks wasenough : I had an aptitude for teaching : sometimes it's good to do somephysical work

ENGLISH TEACHING - I have taughtand lectured in Japan, Venezuela,Brazil, at a mine in the Chileandesert, Mexico, Panama and South Korea. (I have a wide variety of techniques and materials and I like to design custom programs for my students needs).

I am still keen to learn more about theworld.

FLEXIBILITY - because I have no ties I am most useful when you need someone adaptable, intelligent andresponsible to work irregular hours and be mobile. (many of the jobs Ihave done I wouldn't have imagined existed beforehand.)

DATA - British / Single / DOB 20/08/67/ NI no NP 26 06 32 C

EDUCATION - Degree in Electricaland Electronic Engineering (Coventry ) sponsored by British Steel. (Corus)

PERSONALITY - Conscientious / Non-Materialistic/ Hardworking / Sensible / Patient / Sceptical / Objective / Adaptable / Flexible / Resourceful/ A Lateral Thinker / Calm / Confident / Shy / City Person / Artistic (not!)

COMPUTER LITERATE - Whilst at college I was heavily involved in the chatnetwork, and I published an on-line magazine way before the internet existed. I am very familiar with Windows applications Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.In fact I carry a Windows Pocket PC.

INTERESTS- " I've never been a bigfan of beer or drugs I'd rather play stupid games" 1. cuddles 2. Constructivefulfilling work 3. Playing games (Pictionary, Laser Tag, Squash , treasureHunts etc) 4. Being made to "think" by alternative theatre , TV , Radioand books 5. Music and Dancing 6. Comfortable Climates 7. Playing withComputers 8. Sharing and helping people.
I am very interested in learning aboutculture and history.

REFERENCES see full list of jobs and recent jobs below -
I have done a number of websites and maintain the SpanishPanama.com and HostelsPanama.com websites and others. contact Joseph Ennis info@spanishpanama.com
I was a roving steward and troubleshooter at the 2008 Wallingford Bunkfest
Dave Newson info(at)bunkfest.co.uk Tel :07743 330494
Brainy Hogwan, Sunchang Town, June-July 2005 Special English Summer programme : Lee Saeng Chul dawnsk99@yahoo.co.kr

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CONTACT : e-mail stew(at)stewgreen.com ... my website : www.stewgreen.com (600 + pages)